Staying focused on God

officeThere is one place I spend most of my time during the week. It’s not my church, my room, or even my car… it’s my job. Over the 5+ years that I’ve been working I always found little ways to keep myself focused on God as I work. Here are a few different things that I do:

*Morning Devotions*

Every morning I have about 10-15 minutes where my computer is running data into the system from the day before. While I would wait I used to spend the time catching up on what was going on in the facebook world – but recently I decided that instead of doing that I would read a morning devotion instead. Since then I’ve realized how nice it is to start my day focusing on the Word of God and be thinking about that instead of staying up to date on what all my friends are up to… Here are a few of my favorite online devotions:

*Prayer & Bible Verse Wall*

Other than staring at a computer for 8 hours every day (fun…I know :)) the next place I usually look at is the wall in my office. In the beginning of this year I decided to decorate my empty wall space with things that would encourage me to pray and stay focused on God. I printed out a whole bunch of bible verses and put them around my pictures and whenever I need a moment just to be uplifted or get myself focused I just read through them and this helps me get back on track with my mind.

Another thing I did was create a section which I call my “prayer wall”. Here I put up pictures of people that I try to pray for on a daily basis: my family, close friends, church, pastors, missionaries, and my future husband (who is faceless at the moment ;)). This wall really helps me remember to pray for important people and things in my life throughout my work day.

*Listening to Podcasts*

Every Thursday I print checks for the company. After I get them signed off by my boss I then spend about an hour matching the checks with the invoices and putting them into envelopes to send off in the mail. This gives me one free hour off of my computer where I don’t really have to focus too much on what I’m doing. During this time I usually turn on a podcast of one of my favorite preachers and listen while I work. Sometimes I keep a piece of paper nearby or open up a word doc to take notes when I hear something good…


Lunch time is one hour during my work that I get to get away from my job and do whatever it is that I want to do. It’s my favorite part of the day because there are so many options of what I can do during this hour. I can go shopping at the mall which is (almost) across the street from our building. I can go eat out with my co-workers or friends that work nearby. I can go get a manicure and pedicure at a salon. I can take a walk by the river right behind our office. I can take a nap in the kitchen. I can even go work out at the gym next door. And of course…eating is probably not a bad thing to forget during lunch. 🙂

Although I do all of the above things there are two things that I LOVE to spend my time doing during lunch: reading books & praying.

I have a mini bookshelf at work where I keep my bible and current books that I’m either reading or have read in the past. Whenever I can-  either during my lunch or on my breaks I just grab one of the books and read a chapter or just skim through my highlighted notes. I have always loved reading and as I’ve been getting busier with life it’s hard to find moments to just stop and read a good book so whenever I can squeeze it in during work I take the opportunity to do so.

The next thing I love to do is get away and pray during my lunchtime. Lucky for me, our company rents office space upstairs in our building for storage and because we’ve yet to fill it up from floor to ceiling with boxes there is a huge open area where I like to go pray in. Sometimes I sit at my desk staring at my clock just waiting for lunchtime because I know that as soon as it hits 12pm I can grab my key and go upstairs to spend some much needed time with God… 🙂

These are just some of the little things I do at work to keep myself focused on the most important person in my life – God. I hope it encourages some of you to find things you can do at your workplace to do the same! 🙂 Be blessed…



3 thoughts on “Staying focused on God

  1. This was very helpful. This journey has been hard from me and Im looking to grow spiritually. I lost friends I have been friends with for years on this journey and I know that in the end it will be all worth it. I really just need to continue to stay focus no matter how lonely I get but this was very helpful. Thanks


  2. Thanks so much for this post, Anna. This definitely shifts my perspective a bit about my job around the office. Keep up the inspiring writings 🙂


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