Why I write… even if it’s just to myself

Sometimes I wonder what the purpose of my blog is. I wonder if anybody actually reads it and if the people who do get anything useful from it… Thanks to site stats I know that some people either read it or stumble upon it accidentally via google or some other internet site (thank you google :)). And once in a while someone will comment on one – so I know I’m not always just talking to myself (whew! – that’s always a good thing ;))… But lately I’ve been slacking with my blogging, which brought me to question my reasons of starting this blog in the first place. But I think even though I’m not an avid blogger like I wish I was – I will not let it cease to exist just yet… 🙂

Why do I blog? I think I had the desire to blog a long time ago- when I was still a young teen. I remember I would write in my journals almost daily and there would be moments I would come up with great topics to write about regarding life and what I learned so I would make a list in the back of my journal of all those topics that I would one day “get to”. And I ended up never getting to those topics – because although it’s great to write in journals that only you will read – it is time-consuming and I didn’t always think it was worth it for me to write just for me, myself, and I…

Then about a year ago I was going through an “interesting” time in my life (if that’s the correct term to use) and after talking to one of my good friends about everything — she told me it would be a great idea to find something that I love to do – a hobby of some sort – and do it often. And after thinking about all of the potential “hobbies” I could spend my time on the #1 thing that came to my mind was writing. And how else do you share your writing then through a blog? I remember telling my friend and she was like “hmm…that is NOT what I had in mind, writing is not fun”. I guess not for everyone – but it’s always been my “thing”. Originally I wanted to have a private blog that would be public but I would tell absolutely no one that I knew about. That way I could share my personal stories, things I was going through, and random thoughts that I have. But that idea went down the drain quickly after I decided to post my blog on facebook for my first time. I did want someone (other than myself) to read it after all… although now I’m contemplating the idea of going back to creating that private blog again…

Around this time I was asked to blog once a week for the youth blog that was created on our church website. And although at first it was interesting for me to write my thoughts on a topic then have it be out in the “public” for people to read I realized that I really enjoyed it. The only problem was that I was picked to write for “Woman’s Wednesday’s” and I had a difficult time coming up with new ideas of things to write for women only. If only I could write for anybody and about anything that was on my mind…well, I would never run out of ideas of things to write about… and that was the birth of my plan to start my own personal blog.

But before that occurred- the actual first time the idea was planted in my mind was at youth camp exactly one year ago. A guest speaker was invited to speak at one of the church services and he shared about blogging and writing online about different Christian topics that people find interesting. The purpose behind this was to bring awareness to people online about different Christian subjects as well as provide a venue for people to possibly stumble upon your blog and read and be touched in some way or another by the things God puts on your heart to write about. I remember taking notes when he was speaking and thinking to myself “Wow, writing is something I’m passionate about, this is definitely something I can do”. But I set that thought aside for a while. After all, you have to be a GOOD writer for people to read your stuff. You need to write about interesting things that people care about. And I didn’t have it in me to expose myself or my writing in any way, shape, or form. Who would care about what I have to say? I honestly don’t know…

After I joined the blogger world I have come to the conclusion that (not at the moment) but eventually I want to be a good blogger. One that writes at least three times a week, not three times a month. One that writes about things that are more meaningful to people. The problem with me is not that I have nothing to write about, but that I don’t have time to write. And I’m hoping that will change in two months when I’m done with college. I already have at least five half written blogs that have been waiting to be finished for months along with a long list of ideas for many more blog posts yet to be written… I’m not sure why or where all my ideas come from… but I sure cannot wait to one day make the time to write them all out here… (and hopefully free up some brain space while I’m at it ;))

Although many times I feel like I’m just writing to myself, I know that one day (possibly one day five years from now) someone will randomly google something they want to read about and end up stumbling upon my blog and reading something that will be helpful to them in one way or another. I have personally stumbled upon wonderful blogs by people who wrote 5-10 years ago and have already stopped blogging yet their writing is still (thankfully) published online and because of it I was somehow touched or inspired. Therefore, even though I sometimes feel like I write in vain – I know there is the possibility that one day my writing WILL make some type of difference in just one person’s life someday down the road. And discouraging as blogging to “me, myself, and I” sometimes seems…. that thought is what keeps me and my writing going… 🙂

And whoever actually does take time to read these once in a while – thank YOU. It feels good to know that I’m really not writing to just myself… for the most part. 😉 Be blessed!!!

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8 thoughts on “Why I write… even if it’s just to myself

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  2. I feel the same way, wondering if anyone reads… see the random searches, but I know what you mean. And then usually sometime soon, someone comments or if I share the post on facebook, someone comments there about how it was the reminder they needed or perfect timing… That’s only God 🙂 Be encouraged and keep writing!!


  3. I enjoy your blog, Anna. It is hard finding time to write, especially when you truly care about what it is you want to say and/or convey. I feel the urge to write daily, though my time does not always allow me to write. By the same token, when I feel the urge to write and I know I have something worthy to share – I find the time. I hope that makes sense.

    Please keep writing – whenever the ideas, thoughts and time work best for you.


    • Lenore, thank you. 🙂 I agree with you, even when you’re busy when you really want to share something you will find time to write… hopefully that’ll happen more often with me — I hate having too much on my mind to write about yet no time to “let it out”. :/ But I will definitely keep writing – I think not writing something somewhere would be impossible for me! 🙂

      Be blessed!


  4. Writing is such a cathartic process . . . it heals even before you know you’re wounded. I’ve always found it to be an amazing outlet. Blogging just gives me a far more decorative place to put my thoughts and sometimes lovely readers show up and make my day. 🙂

    I think you have a wonderful attitude about blogging. Often the most honest blogs are those written without an agenda to gain an audience and those are the ones I enjoy reading the most.


    • Writing sure is therapeutical! I think that’s one of the reasons I enjoy it so much. Growing up I was never a big talker – so “venting” or letting my thoughts and feelings out typically came in the form of writing rather than talking to someone. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by.


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