The creepy guy outside my office window

There is this creepy guy on the third floor of our office complex. Every morning I park my car and as I walk across the parking lot to the office I can’t help but look up, because there he is, always. Just sitting there and staring down at me. I don’t get paranoid about things easily, but I have bought some pepper spray. Just in case. Last night for the first time ever I had a dream about him. Well, it was more like a nightmare. I woke up with a sense of fear and all I remember is that it was dark and I was running… fast. But (thankfully) it was just a dream.

Alright. Sorry to disappoint you but all that ^ was just a made up story. There is no creepy guy outside my office window. I never had that nightmare. This was just a “test”.

And who am I testing? Well, hope you don’t feel TOO special or anything, but I am testing you, my reader. 😉 According to “popular” blogs there are a few things bloggers can do to catch the attention of readers and have them navigate to their specific page amidst the thousands of blogs that exist. These things include 1) catchy title 2) interesting intro 3) sharing your story and making it personal… well, I sort of told my story. It’s not exactly true, but it’s all good. This is just one time… I promise 😉 Anyway.. Testing time is OVER. If you look up to the right there should be an “X” button on your screen. Feel free to press on it anytime. I won’t know. 😉 I already got the information I needed by you simply clicking on this post.

Did you know that if you click on my blog off of my Facebook links I get an email sent directly to my account notifying me of the exact person who clicked on the link? Along with their e-mail, address, password, social security number… Yep, you’re in BIG trouble now. Just kidding. I really have no clue who reads my blog. I only know how many people click on the blog. And lucky for you… I don’t know it’s you. So, you can stalk me all you want. 😉

What is the reason for this post? Honestly, I just wanted to know if catchy titles and beginnings really matter and to see if the statistics are right. I’ve noticed that if I write about something more on the “spiritual” or serious side most people don’t read it, at least not right away. And if I write about something more on the “funny” side people seem to read it right away, which makes sense I suppose. I just think that my “spiritual” stuff is more useful than the not-so-spiritual stuff. But hey, it’s all good. I write for a reason and I know the people who need to read whatever I happened to write will stumble upon it one point in life. 🙂

Recently I wrote a post about why I write and although I wrote that for you, I think that post was written more for me than it was for anyone. Sometimes I get great ideas of things to write about but lack the motivation to do so and once again go back to wondering if anyone really reads this blog. Regardless, I will continue writing because it is what I love to do and the ideas don’t stop coming. Although sometimes I wish they did. At least those times they come at 3am and I run around my pitch black room looking for a journal to write it down in so I don’t forget. Even though I have to admit, the ideas that seemed so “great” at 3am… don’t always seem so great at 8am. Funny how that works.

You may wonder who exactly my audience is. Sometimes I wonder myself. Blogs are always written for a purpose. Some are to inform. Some are to entertain. Some are to share creative ideas. Some are simply written as a personal “journal” of sorts. Mine? Well… I can’t say I write for only one audience or for one purpose. I struggled with this one in the beginning. I didn’t know if I should write about my life, write to be funny, write only about God, the Bible, and everything else along those lines. So I decided to write about it all.

Purpose #1: To encourage you. I have learned that just like it doesn’t hurt for the wife to hear her husband tell her that he loves her one more time, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded that God loves you one more time. I think people have a lot in common in life. One of those things is that no matter how good your life may be, no matter how strong your faith in Christ may be… hard times come. And during those difficult times is when you need to hear “Jesus loves you” once more. That you need to be reminded that He has got it all under control. That everything will turn out just fine. At least I know I’ve needed that reminder before. And I guess now I want to be that “reminder” for others.

I think I’m one of those people who probably (just maybe) posts a little bit too many quotes on Facebook every week… or anywhere for that matter. But honestly it’s not because I spend an hour a day googling inspirational quotes to share, but because I read too many awesome devotional blogs, books, and my bible (which has a quote for each day) and I can’t help but share those things that stood out to me. I figure that something that may have encouraged me may encourage someone else and I want that one person to get encouraged. If I could, I would probably post five quotes a day. But I try to limit it to one. Sometimes. 😉

Purpose #2: For entertainment. Personally, I don’t think I’m all that humorous. At all. But I have my moments and I like to share them. I also think that people with a sense of humor or are somewhat goofy rock! Life is serious business, but it shouldn’t be taken TOO seriously every second, every minute, every hour, of every day. And laughing is good medicine. Even the doctors agree. Therefore, once in a while I will try to post something funny. Note the term “TRY”. I am much more serious than I am funny. But I have my days when I “slip”… and the goofy side comes out. Better watch out for that. 😉 Also, I would like to make a sidenote here. If you’re reading my blog and you’re debating between whether I’m joking or not, I usually am. No, I’m not looking for a husband whose last name doesn’t begin with the letters D, F, G, Q, S, X, Z. And I really don’t care if he happens to be born in February, September or March. Really. I actually had some people ask me about it and they couldn’t figure out if I was joking or not. I was. Please, don’t take me too seriously. At least not when you shouldn’t be. 😉

Purpose #3: To share what God is teaching me and in general, to share my life. People like to relate to others. They like to know that they are “not alone” and that others go through the same experiences that they do. And I have to admit, I don’t always care to share my personal experiences or my stories. I was talking to one of my friends about this recently and how sometimes by writing about certain things I kind of “put myself out there” in ways that other people never will. I share the hurts or struggles that I go through. I share what’s going on in my heart and in my mind and sometimes I’d prefer to not share it. I’d prefer to not be a bit more “vulnerable” to the outside world… who often more than not judges quite quickly and jumps to false conclusions. I’d rather paint an ideal image of a girl who’s got it all together. A perfect little angel who has no problems and has got life all figured out. Sorry. That’s not me. And this blog isn’t for that. This blog is to be real. And to be real sometimes means to be truthful… and to be a bit vulnerable. No, I don’t necessarily like the fact that you’ll probably know more about me than I ever will about you, but I have chosen to write truthfully here about “real life stuff” no matter how people choose to take it.

Whew! You made it to the end of this post- 1,479 words! And you could’ve stopped at the second paragraph. 😉 Congratulations!!

Ps. Sorry for misleading you. I’ll try not to do it again. 😉


3 thoughts on “The creepy guy outside my office window

  1. Oh Sis Anna, you made my night alive than ever, it was 12nn here in Kuwait yet I’m smiling and giggling over my bed. 😛 You’re so ordinary yet especial, ugh I can’t explain, but I guess I can feel connection? maybe interest? or simply I could relate on this post of yours. 😛

    All the things you’ve said here really make sense, in a way that made me nod while reading it. 😉 thanks for this for the nth time, hope you won’t get annoyed on me commenting or giving reactions on your post that become more often recently. Well, bare with me until I report to work. haha 😀 Blessings!♡


    • Haha, thank you Mae! I am quite ordinary (but unique in my own way). Aren’t we all? 😉

      I never get annoyed of your comments, I always look forward to reading them! 🙂 And I’m glad I made you smile (mission accomplished for this post) 😉

      Hope you have a blessed day at work. Take care!!


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