The Scriptures Say…

Scripture: “Get out of here, Satan,” Jesus told him. “For the Scriptures say….” Matt 4:10

 Observation: Although there’s a lot more to this passage then this one sentence, I only want to focus on the four words – “For the Scriptures say…”  Jesus finds himself in a situation where he is being tempted by no other than Satan himself during his 40-day fast. He is hungry and most likely tired. And Satan comes to him with a few very appealing ideas. First, to change the stones into bread so that he could feed himself. Then, to jump off the highest point of the temple because the angels would catch him. And last, to have glory and all the kingdoms of the world if he chose to worship Satan. Jesus’ reply to all of these? “For the Scriptures say….” And then he quotes a passage from the scriptures that directly goes against Satan and what he is tempting him to do.

Application: There’s a reason why God tells us to meditate on His Word day and night (Josh 1:8). If I don’t know God’s Word then how can I use it during times when Satan tries to tempt me in the same way that he tried to temp Jesus? Jesus overcame those temptations because He knew the Word, because He could quote scriptures. If I don’t take the time to study God’s word, to make it an important part of my life then I’m choosing to get rid of the most important weapon God provides for me in the spiritual battles that come into my life. God’s Word is powerful – it’s my sword against the enemy in battle (Ephesians 6:17) but it won’t be useful if it’s collecting dust on my bookshelf. I must read it, I must study it, I must meditate upon it day and night. And then I will be just like Jesus: ready to say “For the Scriptures say” against whatever temptations Satan tries to throw my way.

 Prayer: Dear Jesus: First of all, I want to say thank you so much for leaving me Your Word, which I have access to on a daily basis. It is through Your Word that I get wisdom and guidance for each day. It is through Your Word that I receive encouragement for each step that I must take. It is through Your Word that I have the power to withstand temptation when Satan uses his tactics to try to bring me down. Knowing Your Word is the mightiest weapon I could possibly possess for every battle that I must fight. And Lord I pray that you help me fall more in love with You and Your Word throughout this year as I follow my church Bible reading plan and as I write out my SOAP’s. There is power in knowing your Word and understanding how to use it. This year please help me be transformed through it and may it be so engraved in my heart and mind that whenever temptations come my way I will be able to say the exact same thing that you did, “And the Scripture’s say…” Amen.


One thought on “The Scriptures Say…

  1. Beautiful
    Thank you
    I have the Bible but it’s collecting dust because I never find time to read. I’ve been in my spiritual battle not noticing it’s a tactic of Satan so anxious an never getting anywhere.. I will start reading my Bible even if it’s a verse a day…


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