To SOAP or not to SOAP?

We all have this person in our lives. It might be a girl. It might be a guy. It’s the person that loves to talk. A LOT. They can talk about their life, their best friend’s life, the president’s life, the history of anything in the world. They can talk for hours and hours… without running out of things to say. I’m not that girl. I’m the girl that never raised her hand in class because there was nothing worse than for me to have to speak in class. And sometimes I prefer NOT to meet new people… because I have no idea what I could possibly talk to a stranger about.

But although I don’t always have a lot to say out loud… for some odd reason I never had that problem on paper. You can give me the oddest subject to write about, and I’m sure I could write, for pages. I remember having to write college essays on really boring subjects, like the history of a psychologist. And I would sit in front of the blank Word Document and wonder how in the world I would be able to type enough words to meet the minimum paper requirement. Yet an hour later I would find myself only  halfway done and way over the word count. My lucky professors must’ve enjoyed my papers. Thank goodness you never lose points for writing too much (well… for the most part) 😉

Anyway… none of ^that is really relevant to what this post is about. Other than to explain what I plan on writing about throughout this year. A lot of bloggers (writers or photographers) choose to do “challenges” throughout the year that will keep them posting on a certain subject, topic, or theme. Bloggers are supposed to “blog” often if they want their blog to be “successful”… and as of late, I’ve been slacking. But I have come up with a challenge for myself. And my challenge is to share a SOAP here once a week. If you’re not sure what SOAP is you can click here… and this will help you understand a little more.

I was introduced to the SOAP devotional style journaling quite a while back when I read Wayne Cordeiro’s book Divine Mentor (which is a PHENOMENAL book) and I loved the idea of SOAP’s. But I never got into it. Why? Well… because a) it was almost impossible to find just ONE scripture that really stood out to me. There was always at least a couple and I wanted to write about them all, and b) my SOAP’s (which I typed) became three page papers that I wrote and well, that took up some time, although it definitely made me think about God’s Word, it wasn’t something I had time for every morning.

Even though I had trouble getting started with my SOAP’s I’m a big believer in them. It’s so easy to just read three or four chapters from the Bible just to read it… and yes, gain insight from it. But then forget about it two hours later when you’re busy at work. SOAP’s help you not just read the Bible, but study it so that you don’t only get useful information out of it… but so that it can help you personally transform in your daily life. You get to focus on one specific concept God wants you to learn through His Word that day, you write about it, learn to apply it to your life. And then you can always go back to it to reflect and remember what God’s been teaching you throughout the year. I think SOAP’s are a brilliant idea. Hard to get started for all of us beginners…. But 100% incredible.

Yes, it will take more of your time. It will require effort on your part to not only read the Word, but also to dig a little deeper and learn how to implement it into your life. In the end though – the extra time spent in your daily devotions will make all the difference in your life and prove to be totally worth it!

This year my church is going through a one year bible reading plan together and I’m so excited to be part of it! I’ve read all of the Bible only once… (sadly). I just never had the desire to re-read Leviticus and a few of the Old Testament books… I mean, I know everything there is to know about Abraham, Moses, and David, right? But I’ve been learning so much this past week just reading Genesis over again. And I’m looking forward to continue on throughout this year. 🙂 As for SOAP’s? Well, I plan to learn this year to limit my words when it comes to paper and do them daily. But I’ll choose one from each week that really stood out to me, which I will share here. That way I’ll have my chance to write A LOT about something that God’s speaking to me through His Word… and I’ll be able to look back through it throughout the year to remember everything that God’s been teaching me. SOAP’s will be a big part of my life this year… hopefully it’ll inspire you to make it a part of YOURS as well. 🙂 Be blessed!


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