Hello… I am a Nobody

 But Moses protested to God, “Who am I to appear before Pharaoh? Who am I to lead the people of Israel out of Egypt?”Ex 3:11

But Moses pleaded with the LORD, “O Lord, I’m not very good with words.” – Ex 4:10

Not good with words. Not good with people. Not good with writing. Not good with numbers. Not good with too much pressure. Oh the list could go on and on. We’re all not good at something. But the surprising this in Moses’ situation is that God asks him to do the one thing he absolutely is not good at. Why? Not only that… He chose Moses for this particular task of rescuing His people from oppression. Why? Moses had a good reason to question God’s choice for this particular task Who was he? A nobody. And I think his questions and doubts about what God called him to do continues to resound in the minds of many of the people God chooses to fulfill specific tasks in this world today.

But I have come to realize that being like Moses: a “nobody” without the qualifications needed for the task is the best place to begin. I think God specializes in making “somebody’s” out of nobody’s” and helping people do the things they never imagined they could do. If God asks you to do something you’re already great at doing that would mean you wouldn’t rely on Him to help you. You’ll rely on your own talents and abilities. At the end you’ll be tempted to be prideful because you did it “on your own” rather than giving glory to God for helping you do something you know you could have never accomplished on your own.

Yes, being in the position Moses was in can be scary. We’ll question God in choosing us, we’ll question our own abilities… but before giving Him my list of excuses and reasons of “why not me”… Why not rely on Him to get me through? To give me the tools necessarily to complete the task at the moment that I need them. Who am I? A nobody. But… one nobody that can be used by God.  

Lord: Before I give you my list of excuses of why I cannot do a particular task that I believe You want me to do, help me remember Moses and how you helped him do the one thing that he was not so “great” in. That you were always beside him, that you gave him the right words to say when he needed to say them. I know that you are with me just like you were with him and that although I am a nobody you can use me for Your glory in ways I can’t imagine if only I stop looking at myself and my “un-qualifications” and look at You instead.


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