Part 2: She Budgets Wisely

Bank of America, Chase, BECU, Wells Fargo, Columbia Bank, U.S. Bank… I’m sure we’ve all heard of these. Have an account at one of them. Hopefully have some money stored up in those accounts as well 😉 My personal favorite bank? Unfortunately it doesn’t even happen to be listed above: The bank of Anna’s father. Yep… that’s the best bank out there. Actually… that’s (sadly) the bank I never used because my first job was working at a bank (Yes… good ol’ WaMu) 🙂 but all of my older sisters had the privilege of using this bank, and to this very day I regret not doing so myself. See, it’s easy to withdraw money from your bank account, no questions asked. But if your dad is in charge of that bank account… you better believe there will be questions asked… and your money ain’t going anywhere it shouldn’t be. Which is why I wish before I moved on to a real bank, I began with my dad’s banking system first… Maybe one day I’ll create a banking system for my kids – allow them to have the privilege I didn’t… I’m sure they will just LOVE that. 😉

Why would I want my dad… or any person at all to be in charge of my bank account? One word: accountability. I suppose when you’re married you and your spouse will keep each other in check of where your money goes. But when you’re single like me… well, no one’s checking MY bank account… (which I don’t mind at all). 😉 But like in any area of life that you need to be disciplined in… it becomes a bit difficult to stay accountable to only yourself.

We live in a day where credit cards are handed out like candy to little children. Banks, stores, airlines… You name it. There will be a credit card with your name on it waiting in your mailbox tomorrow if only you just ask. When spending money is as easy as swiping a small piece of plastic to be paid off “later down the road”… budgeting and using money wisely flies right out the window.

I’ve been skeptical of the whole credit cards deal myself… but finally gave in and got one about a year ago. :/ Which I pay off every month… but regardless… the temptation to spend more than I should has just gotten 99.9% easier. Along with the fact that no one’s watching my account and sending me red flag messages when I shouldn’t be spending a certain amount of money… (wouldn’t THAT be a great idea?) 🙂

Money, budgeting, bank accounts has never been a mystery to me. When I began working at the bank at 16 I got trained in ALL areas of budgeting and financing. Using a checkbook, creating a budget and sticking to it, starting loans, buying houses or cars…. You name it – I had to learn about it. The stuff I needed to know… along with the stuff I really cared less about. I’m an accountant know (almost 3 years… woot woot!) 😉 so working with money, checks, bills is part of my daily work… although I don’t know what it’s taught me about budgeting for myself other than the fact that paying OTHER people’s bills is so much funner than paying your own. 😉

When it comes to money and budgeting I’m far from clueless. But although I know a lot about it, it doesn’t make it easier to do it. At least I have all the tools I need to get there. And “get there” I must… because that’s another one of those great Proverbs 31 woman traits… and obviously… SHE knows what’s up when it comes to dealing with money. 😉

The scripture says that before she spends her money… she thinks about it. No, I probably won’t be buying any fields in my lifetime like she did… but I sure will buy other things, but before I swipe that credit (or better yet DEBIT) card or fork out those green bills I need to stop and think about what I’m about to do. What is this called? Budgeting. I’m sure we all love that word and what it implies. It means I need to figure out how much money I have in the bank exactly, how much I plan on using during a certain period of time, and my favorite part: how much I plan on SAVING (yes… we all have to do this part too) 😉 And only after I do this will I know if that “field” I want to buy is such a great idea after all.

The scripture also says that from her earning she “plants a vineyard”. Once again… I don’t plan on planting my own vineyard (although that could be pretty cool – grape juice for life) 😉 … but I’m sure I will want to put my money into something that will be profitable for my future. This part is called INVESTING. Where are you investing your money? Into something that will be gone tomorrow or something that will continue to bring profit to you later on in life? Proverbs 31 woman used her money for something that she knew would be profitable for the future. I need to do the same.

My goal: Create a monthly budget and stick to it. I have the creating my monthly budget part down… just gotta do the sticking to it part 😉 and of course – figure out what is worth investing my money into and don’t get sidetracked to waste it on things that won’t be beneficial for my “financial” future. 🙂

Well, that’s it for my Proverbs 31 trait today… hopefully it’ll make you think twice about what’s in your bank account and what you plan on using that plastic card on next time 😉 Be blessed!!

photo credit: [plcu]


3 thoughts on “Part 2: She Budgets Wisely

  1. First, this is a great blog that I stumble upon 🙂 Second, I told everyone about it lol And lastly, this is the one thing I’m struggling with, but thank God, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for sharing your words and continue to be blessed!


    • Thank you Adrina! I’m sorry to hear that you are struggling 😦 but I’m glad that you see the light at the end of the tunnel. There is always hope with Christ no matter how hopeless your situation may seem. May you continue to hold on to Him and trusting Him to come through for you. He is always faithful in providing for the needs of His children! Walk strong in faith sister. Have a lovely day!


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