Me, Myself, & I

There are many people that  I care for in this life. Many people that I try to please. But there are three in particular that I really care about. Three that I really try to satisfy… always. Three that really play a determining role of what I choose to do with my life. Who are these three very important people? Yep… you guessed it! Me. Myself. And I. The same three people that I’m sure you have in your life as well. My verse for today? John 12:25  “Those who love their life in this world will lose it. Those who care nothing for their life in this world will keep it for eternity”. I have yet to find a person who 100% cares about nothing in their life other than God.  Wait, actually… I think I just did. Of course, he happened to live over two thousand years ago. And he happens to be the one and only son of God Himself.

It seems ironic to me that from all of the people who ever walked this earth this ONE man is the one who ultimately cared nothing about in this life… but rather lived for eternity. Lived for the One who sent Him. Out of all the people who ever had the opportunity to breathe and live on this planet He was the one who had the right to care about “Me, Myself, & I”. He had the right to make every person that crossed His path bow down before Him… He had the right to make sure that every person that He met knew that HE deserved their glory and praise. But he didn’t.

The man who should’ve been walking around with his head high up in the air… demanding people to fall down on their knees in his presence and worship him was the one who was found on HIS knees… tending to their needs, washing their feet, serving them. Wow. What a humbling picture. The King of Kings, Son of God, Lord Almighty… serving those who would deny him and leave him in a time of need. Serving those who constantly pained him with their sin, with their doubt, with their weakness.

Why did He do it? Because that was His father’s Will. And it was because of His father’s Will that He found himself walking the streets of this world. Yes, Jesus chose to be the sacrificial Lamb of God. He chose to come down to live and die in this sinful world. But when He lived on earth, He really lived for Heaven… for eternity.

If Jesus cared about this life… it sure wouldn’t have ended by Him dying on that cross. But He didn’t care because He already knew what was in store for Him in heaven. He didn’t care because he knew that His temporary pain would result in an eternity that would now be available for all sinners who believed in Him. He lived in light of eternity. Not the here and now. He forgot about “Me, Myself, and I” and by doing so… He changed the lives of all the people who call upon His name. By giving up HIS life on earth… He was able to give life to all of the people who never had the hope of a life after death.

Today my prayer is that I learn to live beyond right here, right now, and all that I see before my eyes. That I forget about pleasing “Me, Myself, and I”. That I remember who this life really revolves around. Selfishness is part of human nature, just as so many other things are. But I’ve been learning that just because something is part of human nature that’s no excuse to live a life that is not pleasing to God. Jesus didn’t live according to human nature. Why? Because He had God right next to Him, and He only said the words God wanted Him to speak, took the roads God wanted Him to travel, followed the plan that God wanted Him to fulfill. I have the same God right next to me. And although it’s hard… I have no excuse to not be able to say “No” to my own desires, my own wants, my own Will. Jesus, son of God could deny himself? With His help and divine leading.. so can I. And at the end… it’ll all be worth it. The quicker I learn that this world has nothing to do with me… the quicker I will be able to fulfill this bible verse… NOT care about this temporary life… and in return, keep it for eternity. Now… that sound like a good plan to me. 🙂


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