I remember…

Sometimes I feel tempted beyond what I think I can bear

Then I remember… Jesus was tempted, but He overcame  ♥

Sometimes I feel alone and like no one cares

Then I remember… Jesus will never leave my side and He understands  ♥

Sometimes I feel like giving up on that one person who seems like a lost cause

Then I remember… Jesus would leave 99 sheep for that one that strayed away  ♥

Sometimes I feel like I’m not worth it

Then I remember… Jesus shed His precious blood on the cross for me when I was still a sinner  ♥

Sometimes I feel unsure about the future ahead of me

Then I remember… God has promised me a future and a hope if I abide in Him  ♥

Sometimes I feel like I’m not strong enough to keep on going

Then I remember… God gives power to the weak and the powerless and He promises to never give me more than I can handle  ♥

Sometimes I feel like the battle is too hard to fight

Then I remember… I’m not fighting alone. God is with me and He can help me beat anything that will come my way  ♥

Every day as you go through life… do YOU choose to remember? 

photo credit: [the chive] via pinterest


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