Getting by on an empty stomach

Every Sunday I get my planner out and (call me strange) but I plan my meals for the week ahead of me. Monday’s a pretty slow day so I usually plan on having a big breakfast. Tuesday starts to get busy, I might skip breakfast, but I’ll try to fit in a quick lunch. Wednesday is one of the busiest day of the week. I don’t even bother eating on Wednesday. Thursday I’m pretty busy in the morning and afternoon but I always make sure to make it home in time for some good Ukrainian home-cooked meal for dinner (Mama’s food is always the best). 😉 Friday’s my least busiest day so I make sure to eat breakfast, lunch, AND dinner (whew… one normal day out of the week) 😉 Saturday is an “on the go” day. There’s always some kind of plans that keep me busy from morning to night. It’s the weekend after all. I don’t worry about eating on Saturday. I just grab a quick snack to keep me going through the day. Sunday? Well… it’s the day of rest. Can’t fill it up with too much activity so I have plenty of time to eat whenever I want and however much I want. Which is why Sunday has become “buffet day”. I eat until I can’t eat anymore… and I just hope it’ll get me through the next few days of skipped meals.

Well… I hope you realized by now that I’m only kidding about all that. But although I don’t do this with my physical meals I feel like often times I do it with my spiritual meals.

The Word of God is supposed to my spiritual meal, my daily bread every day but more often than not that is not the case. This year my church is going through a One Year Bible Reading Plan and there’s nothing more that I love than a schedule to keep me on track with my daily devotions but as the months have been passing by I’ve noticed that although I haven’t been slacking with staying on track with where I’m supposed to be reading at the moment I have been slacking with  how I read.

I’m one of those people who hates to be “behind” on things, especially on reading the Word of God. I know that if I don’t stay up to date on where I’m supposed to be reading than that’ll mean I’ll have some catching up to do later on and there’s nothing worst than having to “catch up” on reading God’s Word. Usually when I’m catching up I don’t take the time to stop and “digest” the Word. I just read it as quickly as I can so that I can check off the box on my Bible Reading Plan Sheet.

So from the beginning I decided instead of getting behind I would read ahead. Just a few chapters here and there. I would still take time to meditate on the Word. To write out my SOAP’s. To digest it. And that worked out pretty well… until I had those day when I was just “too busy” to sit down and spend some time in God’s Word because then I had the perfect excuse for allowing myself not to read it. I was at least two weeks ahead anyway… what does it matter if I miss one day, or two, or three? I’ll still have that box checked off for reading the required portion for the day… I just happened to read it a few weeks back. What difference does it make anyway? Quite a BIG difference I have been realizing.

You can’t eat physical food one day ahead of time or do it buffet-style and try to eat a week ahead of time, yet for some reason I got the idea that you can do that with your spiritual food. God tells us to meditate on His Word daily. Not all day on Sunday only to get you through the week. Not every other day. You need your daily spiritual meal as much as you need your daily physical meal. Why? Because if you don’t get it… you will just be a person getting by on an empty stomach.

Symptoms of a person going though the day on an empty stomach? They have less energy to do what they need to that day. They’re usually a bit more irritated. They have a harder time focusing when all they can hear is their growling stomach’s. They have less strength to complete their required tasks for the day. At least that ^ would be me. 🙂 And the symptoms are exactly the same in the spiritual realm of things. You don’t read God’s Word and you’ll have a harder time focusing on the good things in life, on your blessings, on God. It’s going to be a bit more difficult to fight back when Satan attacks you in any way because you don’t have the strength you need to fight back  – you haven’t taken the time to meditate on the scriptures that could have helped you in your battle.

And sometimes I wonder to myself. Why do I feel so spiritually weak at the moment? Why is it harder to resist temptation? Why do I focus on things of this world rather than the things of God? To find my answer I don’t have to look far… just remember the last time that I read God’s Word and if the last time was three days ago… well, no further explanation is needed. There’s no way I can be strong spiritually today if I’m just getting by on an empty stomach because of my lack of daily Bible reading.

I want to encourage you to find time every day to spend in God’s Word. God’s Word will give  you the encouragement, strength, and guidance that you need for your day. And it’s the determining factor of how you will live each day for Him. Don’t do it because you’ll get to check a box off on a sheet of paper. Do it because you know you need to in order to walk according to God’s Will and really make every day count for Him. 🙂 Be blessed!

not reading the Bible



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