Lessons through a closed door

I come home at 10pm, 11pm, midnight… and often as I try to quietly slip into my room without disturbing anyone I stop and listen to one of the most beautiful sounds in the world coming from across the hall through closed doors. It’s the sound of my parents praying together.  Not one of those quick “let’s get a prayer in before we call it a night”  kind of prayer. No… they keep on praying long after I have finished brushing my teeth, gotten into my PJ’s, and my head has hit the pillow as I drift off into dreamland. They pray long, they pray hard, and they pray consistently.

There are many things I learned from my parents growing up. Many things they taught me through their words and discipline. But many of the things I have learned the most from comes not from listening to their words of advice or discipline… it comes from watching them day in and day out really live what they were “preaching”.

One of the most important lessons I have learned is the lesson I am reminded of every night when I hear them praying behind those closed doors. It’s to take everything to Jesus.

There’s only one place to be at the beginning of your day before you get busy with life… there’s only one place to be at the end of the day after the sun has set and the world slowly begins to settle down beneath the darkness… and that’s on your knees. Because that’s where you meet one on one with the One who holds your world in the palm of His hands. That’s where you find peace, joy, and light for your way. That’s where you get strength to fight your battles. And battles we have had and still have and hearing them through that door reminds me… they’re still fighting. They’re still seeking. They’re still believing for a long-waited for breakthrough and I am encouraged to do the same. Go into my room, close that door behind me and spend some time on my knees seeking the One who gave me this life and who is walking with me every single step of the way, no matter how difficult the road may seem at the moment.

If you’re a parent and you’re reading this I just want to remind you that your kids are watching you. Every little thing you do. Every little thing you say. Whether you know it or not. And they are learning more from your actions than they are from your words. I know I sure am. Make sure to live in a way that points to Jesus, that truly reflects the Word of God, and that inspires them to follow your godly example in their own life.  It can make the biggest difference in their world. ♥ Be blessed!

photo credit: [we heart it] via tumblr


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