Your story isn’t over yet

end, storyA few months ago I attended a teachers conference and I had the opportunity to hear a great speaker share her story of dedicating her life to being a missionary in Mexico with her family and the process she went through to adopt two little girls into their family. The story she shared wasn’t too significant itself. But the message behind her story will be engraved in my mind forever. It’s a message I have been repeating and remembering from the moment I heard it. A simple message. But a very important one.

As this woman spoke about her life she shared about how many times she would come to a point in her life when everything seemed to finally be falling into place with her missionary work, with her family, with adopting her two little girls… but as soon as she thought everything would work out exactly as it was supposed to all of her plans shattered and fell apart. Nothing happened according to plan. She was left alone in the darkness on her knees crying out to God and asking why she was once again staring straight in the face of uncertainty, of hopelessness, of a dead end that seemed to always find its way into her life. And at this point in her sermon she had all of us in the room repeat these words after her… words that I’ve been learning to repeat in mind as well these past few months: “my story isn’t over yet”. Simple words. But powerful words.

And she would go on to share how she’d get back up. Continue living her life and trusting God and at the end God always came through for her. Her moments of despair in the darkness were exchanged for joy in the light. Things always fell into place and worked out for the best. Not according to her plan, but according to God’s.

Often times I find myself in the same place as she did. Confused and alone. Wondering where I went wrong and why things are not working out the way I thought they were supposed to. Thinking that maybe God had somehow forgotten about me. That I would be stuck in this chapter of life titled “Dead End” forever. And it’s during those moments that I have to remind myself that my story is not over yet. And not only that it’s not over but also that it is written by Almighty God Himself who loves me greatly and won’t ever include anything in my story that I don’t need, that somehow won’t help make me better, won’t draw me closer to Him, won’t teach me life lessons that will help me in the future. Everything God allows you to go through in life has a purpose. And honestly, I’ve been learning that sometimes the “hardest” and most painful chapters in my life are the chapters that I have learned from the most.

Sometimes you will never understand the meaning behind everything you are going through. Sometimes you will find yourself in the dark on your knees wondering if this chapter in your life will ever end and today I just want to remind you that yes, it will end. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But exactly when God thinks it’s best for you to move on to the next chapter. Don’t despise it. Don’t be discouraged by it. Allow it to bring your closer to God, to build your faith in Him, to learn a lesson or two in life, and to become who God has created you to be.

I love this quote by Joyce Meyer that I read recently, “When you are tempted to give up, your breakthrough is probably around the corner”. It’s so good and so true. Often times when we reach the end of ourselves… that’s when God steps in and takes care of us in ways we never imagined.

Today if you feel like your life just won’t get any better… don’t worry. Your story isn’t over yet. And the One writing your story has some incredible things planned for you. Be blessed!! 🙂

 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” – Jeremiah 29:11

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14 thoughts on “Your story isn’t over yet

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  2. When we are following Jesus it is a walk of faith and trust that he will provide for us and meet our needs. We follow, though, because we love. Our hearts motivate us. Jesus has all our life and heart. I am aware that there is some teaching out there these days which almost claims that you go through in order to get your breakthrough. However, sometimes you go through because you just have to go through. There may be no specific breakthrough but the lessons are in the going through. Many modern interpretations of the Word have some understanding of the ways of God, and through experience, and yet we always have to question our deeper motives. And Gods deeper ways and purposes. When Job was going through what he was, did he really know that his blessing would come? That he would be more blessed at the end of his life than before? Yet in the midst of it he did not curse God. His faith was so sure. And the most powerful aspect is that God allowed satan permission to try him. Those around him were not being tried yet he was ready to die in the midst of the trial. Job had a deeper revelation than those around him. The central statement of utter worship which is the fulcrum of Jobs whole experience is that the Lord gives and the Lord takes; blessed be the name of the Lord. Whatever happens, God is great and greatly to be praised. I have considered whether this is the greatest statement of worship ever made and yet my mind turns to Jesus who said “No one takes my life from me. I lay it down of my own accord”.

    May we seek to know His deeper ways. Yesterday I heard the preacher tell of Paul’s execution. This after the life he had led in utter service to Jesus, all the beatings and floggings. However, the perspective that Paul had was one of the deepest love for the Body itself and there is little of selfish motive displayed in his life. The real breakthroughs he yearned for was the perfecting of the saints and the cleansing of the Body. Fullness of the stature of Christ being shown forth. I am grateful that even when satan himself has sought permission to sift lives and yet the grace of God has triumphed, then our story is not over and it is for a reason. Most often, what we are then called to do is outward towards others. As the Lord said to Peter in Luke 22:32, we strengthen the brethren. It moves me so deeply that precious Jesus prays for us and makes intercession for us. After all He went through in His life and yet He makes time to pray for us because His love is so deep. May we be made worthy to repay this love. May we strengthen one another.


    • That’s such a great perspective Martin. Both Job’s and Paul’s life. Often times when going through trials we encourage ourselves and each other by saying that there will be some breakthrough because of it therefore we can trust God and praise Him in our “storms” when in reality that breakthrough is never promised. Answered prayers are never promised. Healing is never promised. How you respond to Christ in trials (especially when they’ve been going on for a long time) really shows how authentic and real your faith is because when we don’t see the light at the end of the dark tunnel that’s when we either let go because we don’t trust God or keep on holding on regardless of whether that light will come or not.


          • I sent you a personal note of thanks Anna that since I found your blog I have found encouragement but I am not inclined to this cyber world too much. I feel my time sharing comments is coming to a close.


            • Thanks Martin. That means a lot! And the cyber world isn’t for everyone so I totally understand. Let me know if you ever end up creating that blog anytime in the future. I would love to read what God has put on your heart. Until then may you continue growing stronger in your faith and in your walk with Him! Thank you for all of your thoughts on here. I have gleaned quite a lot of wisdom and pondered many questions reading those comments of yours. 🙂 Be blessed!


              • Don’t hold your breath…I`m not sure if that phrase travels the Atlantic or is just an English one. I don`t think a blog is for me. This is as far as I got. An article I wrote which Frank put on his web-site. Feel free to comment.


                The timing of me reading and commenting on your blog was just right for a season whilst I have been caring for my mum full time due to illness. I am fully aware that the impact of what I wrote is wider than just clarifying it in my own mind. If it falls on good soil then so be it. That’s not up to us, that’s the Holy Spirits work. Even if its just one person. The percentages that Jesus specifically mentions when the words of death which He spoke are voiced suggests that even within the grouping of people that calls itself “the church”, only some will heed the true call of discipleship. Most opt for the brand “Christianity-Lite”. Anything I write I feel a genuine prompting to share. People can take it or leave it. Its not a popularity contest and if its just me and the Holy Spirit left in the room, so be it. We`ll have church together. I have been faithful in saying what I have been given like a good watchman. We are ultimately accountable to God and no one else; be they our boss, church pastor, spouse, father, mother…whoever. Be prepared to lose everything for the sake of Christ. Those with the heart of the martyr are few in the west.

                Having said that, in closing I am prompted to share Matthew 10:34-40. Family ties and everything we call security will be turned upside down by Jesus, if we truly allow Him to be Lord and Master. Many say the rhetoric but fail the practical tests in this life and opt for comfort. Not me. You only get a certain amount of time on this earth.

                P.S. Thanks for chatting with you mate the President. He says you are ok but you still owe him 5 bucks for something.



  3. Amen, amen and amen again Anna. Everything that happens is to mold us into who we are suppose to be. He is so gracious and patient that even when we make a bad choice… He will and does use it, if we repent and turn from it.
    Wonderful post. Be blessed


  4. Amen! Something I have been reminding myself actually. My husband and I have been walking through a rough season of uncertainty in regards to finances for the last two years. And there were moments where He was absolutely silent. But we have been pressing in, praying like crazy and just seeking Him for who He is and not for what He can do or give. He is writing our story, He is working all things for our good, and just teaching us again and again in the midst of this season that our joy and peace should come from the fact that we are loved by Him and not from anything else.


    • Amen! God uses every season of our life to refine us, shape us, and allow us to grow more deeply rooted in Him. It brings Him so much glory when we choose to trust Him and worship Him not when everything is going perfectly in our life but especially when it’s dark and He remains silent. May He continue to guide you (and your family) and give you peace during this season in your life! Thank you for sharing here. God bless you!


  5. Thank you for sharing I really needed the encouragement to carry through. 🙂

    “When you are tempted to give up, your breakthrough is probably around the corner”

    Love this quote by Joyce Meyer’s I will be reminding myself this every time I feel like caving in to the temptation of giving up.


    • 🙂 I’m glad it encouraged you. I know it encourages me to remind myself of God’s promises and truth for my life when the season I’m going through isn’t the easiest. May He give you the peace, strength, and endurance you need to keep on going and remaining faithful to Him during this time in your life! Be blessed.


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