Unwritten Pages

Every person has a story to tell. A story of their journey through life. A story of the valleys they travelled, the mountains they climbed, the bridges they crossed… and the destination they reached: this very moment in time.

It’s a story that includes hardships and laughter, failures and successes, beginnings and ends.

It’s a story that comes with many lessons to be learned. Insight to be gleaned. Wisdom to be found.

It’s a story written not by mere human hands, but by God himself. Which is what makes it so beautiful.

Nobody knows what the next page will bring. In which direction the plot will go. You can only trust the Author for each page, each day, each moment that He gives us.

I am thankful for my story. For my life. For every moment that has brought me to where I am today. Some parts of my story I don’t ever want to re-read. Some parts I never want to forget. But every part is beautiful. Every part is purposeful.

And now all I have left in front of me is unwritten pages waiting to be filled.

I don’t know how many pages I have left. I don’t know what will be written on them. But one thing I know for sure: I don’t need to worry about whatever words those blank pages will hold because the author of my story has good intentions for my life. He has good plans for my future. He has good reasons for every single thing that I will walk through.

And the best thing? He doesn’t let me walk through it alone. He’s with me every single step of the way until I reach that final page… the page with “The End” written on it.

The beautiful part about that last page, is that it’s not really the last page…

It’s not the end.

In fact… it’s just a brand new beginning. One that starts with “happily ever after”… spent forever in heaven with Him… 🙂

Wherever you are in your story… you never have to worry about the most important part: if you follow Christ, you will have a good end, no matter what. 🙂

Be blessed…. and trust God with the rest of those unwritten pages!

[Image creator unknown. Please respond if you know the author so credit can be given.]


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