What they taught me…

We learn new things about life every single day from people.

Sometimes it’s from people that we interact with directly. Sometimes it’s from people we only see or hear from afar. Sometimes it’s from the stories of people’s lives that we read.

But we all learn from each other. We learn from each other’s: Failures. Successes. Dreams. Trials. Triumphs. Challenges. Mistakes.

And from those lessons learned we get to choose what we will do with our own life. How we face the challenges that come our way. How we stay faithful to God. How we learn to let go of worldly things that don’t matter.

Some of the greatest lessons I have learned for my own life I learned from people I will never meet on earth. People that came long before me. People from a different time and place.

Their stories are written in God’s Word… and although they are from long ago what these people taught me continues to influence my journey through this life every day.

Joseph taught me to remain faithful to God and to trust Him even when I find myself in a dark dungeon and see no way out. When I have no hope, no way of my wishes and dreams coming true… because God will come through for me.

Jonah taught me to never run from what God asks me to do no matter what I think or feel about it because God has a greater purpose for everything and just because I don’t understand it or agree with it doesn’t mean I should reject it.

Hannah taught me to preserver in prayer. To keep on bringing my cries, my hopes, my petitions before God even if it seems like His ear is turned away from me, because one day He will answer.

Abraham taught me to never give up on the promises of God for my life, no matter how unlikely it may seem for them to come true.

Sarah taught me that God has His own timing for everything and that just because something isn’t happening as it “should” I should never try to take it into my own hands and attempt to make it happen without God.

David taught me that it’s what’s inside my heart that matters, not what’s on the outside. It’s not about what people see when they look at me… it’s all about what God sees when He looks at me.

Esther taught me that I must be willing to step out of my comfort zone in faith if I want to see God’s Will fulfilled in my life. And God has a specific purpose and plan for why He has placed me in this particular place and time in life.

Moses taught me that it doesn’t matter how unqualified I may be for what God is asking me to do because He is with me and He will give me the ability to do those things that I have absolutely no talent and skill in.

Joshua taught me to see life through God’s eyes, not through human eyes. To face my problems knowing that none of them are bigger than my God and what He can do.

Paul taught me that there is grace for every person in the world, no matter how big their sin is or how hopeless their life seems. God’s gift of salvation is open to anyone and He can turn any life around.

Jesus taught me to serve others. That the highest place of honor in this world is to not be the man on top, but rather to be the man on the bottom… humbly serving the people that He created. Bringing them hope through His Word. Loving them. Caring for them.

And this is why I love reading the Bible.

Every day I learn new lessons… lessons from great men and women of faith.

Lessons that have endured through time.

Lessons that I will never forget.

What have they taught you?

[Image creator unknown. Please respond if you know the author so credit can be given.]


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