Dreaming of my tomorrow’s…


The leaves have just started changing colors. The rain has finally come back. The skies are switching from blue to gray. Night is coming earlier. Weather is turning crisp and cold… Fall has finally arrived.

And here I am sitting on my bed, listening to Christmas music, drinking hot chocolate, and dreaming about snowflakes and a world of sparkling white.

Something is wrong with this picture.

I think it’s okay to dream of a different season… because each one is beautiful and unique in its own way. Each one comes with its own weather. It’s own holidays. It’s own memories to build. BUT the problem isn’t with just dreaming about a different season. The problem comes when we’re wishing so much for the next season in life that we don’t spend the time enjoying the present season we are in.

Often times I find myself in that place. Wishing for the next season. It’s not always because I don’t like the season that I am currently in (although sometimes that is the case), but it’s because I get tired of doing the same old thing.

I get sick of rain one day after another so I long for sunshine. I get tired of short, dark days so I long for longer days of sunlight. I get tired of winter so I long for spring… I get tired of fall so I long for winter… sometimes it seems like a never-ending cycle. But I am learning now more than ever how important it is to embrace the season of life that I am in because often times it will change faster than I imagine it will and I would hate to think that I let my desire for a change to get in the way of me making the most out of this season in life.

Tomorrow I might not have those same people in my life as I do today just like I don’t have some people in my life today that I had yesterday.

Tomorrow I might not be doing the same things as I’m doing today… I need to enjoy what I’m doing now because now is all I have.

I can’t go back to yesterday. I can’t go to tomorrow no matter how much I dream about it. I only have this very moment and I don’t want to remember this moment as one I wasted away dreaming about my tomorrow’s or re-living in my yesterday’s.

Today is my day… to do something that I couldn’t do yesterday and might not have a chance to do tomorrow. Today is the day to appreciate and spend time with the people that are important to me. Today is the day to embrace, to love, to live up to the fullest.

What season of life are you in? Whatever it may be, enjoy it. Because you’re never going to get it back. All you’ll have left of it tomorrow is memories. And you don’t want those memories to be ones where all you were wishing for during that season was to be finished with it.

And there is one thing you should never forget: it is only a season. And season’s change. Always. Sometimes when you want them to. Sometimes when you don’t. If you’re in a hard season… don’t be discouraged. It won’t last forever. If you’re in an easy season… enjoy it, because that won’t last forever either. Same goes for spiritual seasons. Learn from the one that you are in right now. If it’s fall…enjoy the changing leaves and the rain… if it’s winter enjoy the snowflakes and the world of white…if it’s spring enjoy the flowers…if it’s summer enjoy the sunshine. Don’t wish your life away pining for what tomorrow will bring. Learn to enjoy today to its fullest and you’ll never regret that you wasted one precious day away. 🙂

I know I’m going to start by turning off my Christmas music… and pulling my boots and umbrella out so I can go and take that walk in the rain. Winter Wonderland will come soon enough… but today I am going to enjoy the rain. 🙂

Be blessed!


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