Pinning away and loving it!! {In the world of Pinterest}

PINTEREST, USES OF PINTERESTSomeone asked my older sister recently if I had a secret boyfriend no-one knew about because I was pinning wedding things on pinterest and I just laughed and said “if pinning wedding things on pinterest means I’m getting married then I’m worried about my 13 year old teenagers who are pinning all of THEIR wedding ideas on pinterest” 😉

But seriously…I didn’t know pinterest existed until about a year ago. I remember one of my friends posted a facebook status that said “Oh no! Pinterest is so addicting. Just spent three hours on it!” to which I thought “thank goodness I have no clue what that is… I don’t need a new internet addiction”…little did I know… the world of pinterest was just waiting to be explored…and it was only one click away. 😉

The first time I went on pinterest was around Christmas time last year. Me and one of my friend’s were supposed to decorate a table for our church New Year’s Party and the girl in charge of the event decor sent us a link to her pinterest page with ideas for us. So I went on it and then I decided “hey, I need to get my own pinterest board, find my own decorating ideas online and post them on there”…and that was the moment I stepped into the pinterest world.

After New Year’s I forgot that pinterest even existed… until my best friend got engaged and as her maid of honor it was my duty to figure out the style of bridesmaid dress that we would wear. And that’s when I realized I could once again put pinterest to good use. I went online, found a whole bunch of bridesmaid dress styles for us bridesmaids to choose from (thank you pinterest, job well done!) and that’s when I realized I could use pinterest for so many other things… and I learned why pinterest is well, both pretty amazing AND addicting. 😉

Here are some of the boards I created:

Event decoration – for things such as parties, events, etc….

Wedding Planning – From color schemes to dresses to decor to advice for new brides… next time I’m a bridesmaid (or better yet… a bride) I’ll have plenty of ideas to pass on to my friends.

Fashion – This is the closet I wish would somehow transfer itself to my room and replace the one I have right now. 😉 I’m not a “fashionista” and the mall is my least favorite place in the world so building my “dream closet” online helps me keep my eye out on things I like or need when I actually do step foot into the mall.

On my bookshelf -These are books that I have read or have yet to read. Whenever someone recommends a good book to me I go online, find it on amazon, pin it on pinterest…and then when I finish reading the books I’m currently reading I check this page to see which books I want to read next.

Favorite Quotes – Who doesn’t love inspirational quotes? I used to write down pages and pages of quotes in my journals…but now I don’t have to anymore. I have pinterest for that. 😉

Food Recipes – I don’t live on my own yet (but hopefully will soon) so I don’t get to cook too often, but when I do have “cooking nights” with my sister and we’re in a need of a recipe I don’t have to search too far to get find a good one… I got them all pinned right here. 😉

Movies & Music – These are movies and cd’s I have or have been recommended to get.

Sites I Love & Blogs to Read – I love reading blogs as much as I love writing for this one and these two pages are for sharing the different blogs posts that have stuck out to me and the blogs I like to follow (kind of like a blogroll…but pinterest style) 😉

Home Decor/ Organization Tips/ Baby + Kids ideas– This is everything to do with the home from decorating the house to ideas for the kids living in it. I have no house and I have no kids but I started this originally because I used to send cool ideas that I saw to my older (married) sister and then I realized I could just post them here… and send her the link to it (+ have my ideas for later on down when I will hopefully have my own kids…) 😉

Photography– This is mostly ideas for nice portrait, wedding, family pictures…

Things that make me Smile – Once in a while you need to read a few things that will make you laugh. This is my page for that. 😉

My Bucket List – All of the placed I want to visit and the things I want to do before I die. We all need one of these lists. 😉

What do YOU use pinterest for?


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