Speaking without words…

A mother once asked Gandhi to get her son to stop eating sugar. Gandhi told the child to come back in two weeks. Two weeks later the mother brought the child before Gandhi. Gandhi said to the boy, “Stop eating sugar.” Puzzled, the woman replied, “Thank you, but I must ask you why you didn’t tell him that two weeks ago?” Gandhi replied, “Two weeks ago I was eating sugar” – Source Unknown

I think the biggest challenge for any leader (especially in the church) is to practice what you preach. To not just tell others what to do, how to live, what is right and wrong… but to actually live it out in your daily life.

When I teach my teens at church I can’t tell them to pray for two hours every day and to read at least ten chapters from the Bible every morning because I don’t do that myself. I can’t tell others exactly what they need to do to stay in shape if I never stepped foot into a gym. I can’t tell people to be organized and clean if my stuff is all over the place.

There’s nothing I dislike more than having someone tell me to do something when I can clearly see that they are not even doing it themselves and I try not to be the person who gives people advice that I don’t first “take” myself.

I love how in 1 Corinthians 4:16 Paul urges people to imitate him and I hope one day I can say the same to others. “Imitate me as I imitate Christ first… learn from my actions not just from my words”. It’s easy to say the right words, to preach the right messages, to even write nice blogs (for me) but it’s a little harder to actually live out what we say. Words come easily. Actions do not.

My challenge to you and I? Let’s learn from Gandhi and preach the same message with both our lips and our lives for others to take example from. Let’s love people and bring them to  Christ not only with our words – but even more so with our actions. Let’s talk less, and let’s do more.

Be blessed and don’t forget to let your actions do the talking for you.! 🙂


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