Words of Wisdom… found on Twitter.

So…. I have a big problem when it comes to writing. What is this problem, you might ask? It’s pretty simple… whatever it is that I write… it’s always too long.

College essays? I was the girl that would exceed the word count by a couple hundred words…at least. (Thank God you usually don’t lose points for that). 😉

Writing cards for people (especially one’s I care a lot about)? I absolutely hate it. There’s never enough space on that little card to write everything you want to write, even if that card is 3 feet tall. 😉

I’ve thought about possibly writing blog posts for other blogs but there’s a problem I have with that: there’s usually a word limit of some sort. And word limits I don’t do.

This goes for my facebook status updates too… I’m the girl that doesn’t post something “short and sweet”. Nah… I write essays… the ones you gotta usually “expand” to read. Whenever I scroll down the news feed and see someone else post something really long I just smile and think “wohoo!! An essay writer just like me” 😉 and I’m surprised that people actually take the time to read them sometime. 🙂

About half a year ago I signed up for twitter… (pinterest and twitter in less than a year, I’m on a roll here!) 😉 I got it only because I was required to as a youth leader at my church. We were supposed to use them to get updates on events + meetings and such, but that didn’t last too long. I remember thinking to myself that maybe I should start actually using it but that made me laugh… how could I possibly write posts that contained only 40 characters when I could barely even write status updates on facebook with less than 40 words? There’s only one word for that: impossible. 😉

But about three weeks ago I decided that I would take somewhat of a break from facebook. And by that I mean not writing posts, not reading people’s stuff, not going on as often (although I’m not gonna lie… I still go on once in a while) 🙂 and instead I decided to use twitter. One of my friends told me that was “cheating” because twitter is just like facebook. But I told her it’s not… after all I have like three friends that actually use twitter (if that) and I have a whole 20 followers (impressive, right??) 😉 Regardless… I decided to use twitter for one reason alone: to challenge myself to write “short and sweet” posts rather than essays. And boy, I have to admit. It’s been challenging! But it hasn’t been impossible like I thought it would be. 🙂

Since I don’t have any friends to “follow” I follow a lot of people (well-known and not) that I don’t know. (I guess that’s what twitter is all about). Mostly a lot of Christian leaders, Christian bloggers, and Christian authors. And of course… they all have a lot of inspirational, positive, thought-provoking, helpful, challenging, convicting, and encouraging things to say. I decided that since I can’t post them on facebook and since you (the awesome person reading this) are probably not one of the cool people out of 20 that “follow” me on twitter you’ll never read the awesome things I have been re-tweeting from my fellow twitterer’s (I hope that’s a word) 😉

May you all be inspired, encouraged, and challenged by these words of wisdom found on good ol’ twitter! 🙂

Everything we run away from has power over us; everything we go through, we conquer.- Gideon Harris

Your net-worth does not define your self-worth. Don’t get ’em confused.- Jake S.

I WAS bruised,confused,depressed, distressed,obsessed and oppressed.NOW I’m purchased,cleansed, released,used, and blessed!- Rick Warren

Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday. God got you through it. Trust him for tomorrow.- Nicky Gumbell

Failure is never final, unless you allow to be.- Rick Warren

Sometimes, achieving your goals is as simple as waking up. Why? Because sometimes deciding to get up is the hardest part.- Jarrid Wilson

Who you are as a person is far more important than what you do for a living.- Nicky Gumbel

Don’t let your trials change the way you see God, let God change the way you see your trials- Kiana Scott

True love is when a man still wipes away my tears after I left Him hanging on a cross. – Daughters of Christ

If you’re wondering if he’s the man who’ll complete your soul, then NO, that Man already came 2,000 years ago. Only Jesus’s love completes.- Lauren DeMoss

Being a Christian behind closed doors is just as important if not more than when you are in public.- Nate Farley

No matter how bad things may seem, remember that God is in control. The sun shines after it storms.­- Jake S.

Sometimes the boldest, most creative thing a leader can do in adversity is to keep walking. Just keep walking- Dr. Mark Rutland

Strength grows through struggles. Courage develops in challenges. Wisdom comes from wounds.- Nicky Gumbel

To leaders, if you are on a stage and you aren’t honest & transparent then you’re not a leader you’re an actor.- Jefferson Bethke

Single and lonely is better than married and miserable. Don’t date to fill insecurities, date to find a spouse on the same mission as you- Jefferson Bethke

Don’t build your life around continually looking forward to the next “big thing”. Life is happening today. That’s a pretty big thing.- She Has Worth

Live as though Jesus Christ had been crucified yesterday, had risen this morning and was coming again tomorrow.- Nicky Gumbell

Seasons come and go, but God’s promises are YES & AMEN. Trust in the certainty of promise; NOT in the vagaries of seasons!- Brian Houston

Who you become while you’re waiting is as important as what you’re waiting for­- Nicky Gumbell

Worry is worthless. It can’t change the past. It can’t control the future. It only wastes this moment.- Rick Warren

Real men stay faithful. They don’t have time to look for other women because they’re too busy looking for new ways to love their own­- Jaeson Ma

Be careful of what you label as successful. When Jesus was 33 he was poor, homeless, single and despised by most. – Bryan Loritts

The great act of preaching is to press through the prep and into the presence of God. Gotta let Him touch you first.- Louie Giglio

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