In the valley, storm, desert, or fire…. He is with you.

God was with David when he had to face Goliath with nothing but a few stones, a slingshot, and a lot of faith.

He was with Daniel in the lion’s den.

He was with Abraham when he was about to offer his son as a sacrifice.

He was with Joseph in the cold, dark, un-promising dungeon.

He was with Esther when she, with her life at stake had to fearlessly come before the king.

He was with Ruth when she set off on a journey with her mother-in-law into the unknown future before her.

He was with Moses in the desert land for those tireless 40 years of wandering.

He was with Jesus when he was betrayed with a kiss, left behind in the garden by his own disciples, and crucified mercilessly on a cross by the people that he loved so much.

God was with all of them during their hardest moments in life. And He is with you too.

…when you are in the desert land wandering around with nothing but sand around you, no promising future that you see ahead, wondering if you’ll ever reach the Promised Land.

…when you are in the midst of a storm and the water seems to want to engulf you, take you under, sweep you away and you don’t know how much longer you can hold on to hope.

…when you’re in an earthquake and the world around you is shaking, crumbling, falling apart and you don’t know if it can ever be put back together again.

…when you’re in the dark valley and you have nothing to guide you, you don’t know which direction to go next, and you’re wondering when you’ll finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

…when you’re climbing the mountain and you are losing strength to keep on going, you don’t know if you can take that next step, you don’t know if you’ll have what it takes to make it to the top.

…when you’re on the Potter’s Wheel going through fire, your impurities burning off as you are being refined by the hands of God, and you don’t know how much longer you will be able to withstand the heat and pain that wants to take the life right out of you.

God is with you.

He will help you reach the Promised Land. He will help you keep holding on in the middle of your storm. He will put your life back together even better than it was before the earthquake. He will guide you and help you reach that light at the end of your valley. He’ll renew you and give you the supernatural strength that you need to reach the mountain peak. He will help you endure the pain and heat of the fire and bring you out as a precious, pure jewel.

Wherever you are at you can have peace in the moment and hope for the future because you will make it to the other side… for He is with you.

God is with you in the valley

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9 thoughts on “In the valley, storm, desert, or fire…. He is with you.

  1. Those who have glimpsed a deeper reality than the present one, and indeed who hunger for it, will by now have been through many extreme and severe refining processes at the hands of God. They will have experienced walking their own “narrow path”. This will have been have allowed by God with the very purpose of achieving an in-working of a truer version of humility than that which is often presented at mere surface level within the current institutionalised church systems. Such depths are not attained by simply raising our arms and lightly singing words associated with submission and surrender. It is likely that adverse and uncomfortable life events and circumstances are key in bringing the likeness of Jesus into the hearts of His people. Brokenness and wilderness processes, where no one but God Himself exists to sustain your very life, serve to bring us somewhere closer to even approaching Gods view on humility. As Jesus said, for those few who are seeking the true way, this way will be contracted by pressure. It will involve compressions of all sorts to our own selfish motives and desires.

    In reality, the in-working of true humility in our lives is placed at the very highest level on Gods agenda and it is through the reproofs of life that He accomplishes this. Suffering is the staple for the disciple. It is by way of those “thorns in the flesh” within our own lives that the Lord brings this humility. It is via the long dark night of the soul. The intense crushing. The wilderness. Those family and personal situations which all the power of the flesh is incapable of rectifying or resolving. Illnesses. Set-backs. Loss of possessions, jobs, loved ones. Rejection by family, “friends” and work colleagues. Whole man-made systems will spew out the seekers of the narrow path. They are not wanted. They will find no rest in this world. Seeking acceptance is pointless and meaningless. Gods opinion is all that counts to them.

    God is seeking. This is the greatest revelation of all. He is the God who Himself is on the look out. Looking down and constantly seeking for those who will not just take from His hands but will love Him with all their hearts and lives. He hears the words and witnesses the emotional outpourings of the masses but He is wiser than that. He knows that only a small portion of the true seed is going to fall on good soil. He will not be tricked. His heart cries out for these ones. The ones who will reciprocate. Those who seek with all their strength to love Him as much as He loves us. Those who will utterly die to themselves. This is our cause. This is our calling. We must choose our friends carefully in these days. Choose our “church” wisely. Anything that offends in the pursuit of this cause, cut it out. If we want to seek the narrow path then we must do whatever we need to, as guided by the Spirit. Following Jesus and His will. Knowing the voice of the Good Shepherd for yourself.


    • “It is likely that adverse and uncomfortable life events and circumstances are key in bringing the likeness of Jesus into the hearts of His people. Brokenness and wilderness processes, where no one but God Himself exists to sustain your very life, serve to bring us somewhere closer to even approaching Gods view on humility. ” Amen. I feel like brokenness and the wilderness process has been where God’s been placing me time and time again this year. I’ve had my share of setbacks, rejections, storms, and loss and all I can say is that even in the midst of it all God is so good because He used every single struggle I faced to draw me closer to Him.

      At times I felt like I didn’t deserve the hardship I was facing. That it wasn’t fair that I found myself in the wilderness so often when everyone else around me seemed to always be doing okay. That somehow God didn’t love me because He allowed things to happen that left me discouraged and disappointed, but I’ve been learning (and it’s taken me many lessons) that the trials in my life are really blessings in disguise, that the setbacks only make me trust God more, that going through the storms with Him makes me stronger. And I’ve vowed to not complain during those times in the wilderness just like Job didn’t curse God when his world fell apart. I won’t feel like I’m lacking when I feel stuck in my prison cell, instead I will learn to find joy in Christ in all my circumstances just like Paul did.

      I am so glad that God has used everything I’ve went through to humble me and to gently prune away those areas in my life and in my character that needed to be removed and that needed to change.

      I will take a “hard” life over an easy one any day, because walking that narrow road is never easy but I’d rather have harder days with Jesus than easier ones without Him.

      I’d rather need Him desperately because I am struggling than falsely think I don’t need Him because life is always going good.


      • Amen. I can relate to what you say. I know these processes are intense and it is hard when we feel like we are being separated out and going through harder stuff than maybe others are. Others have to make their own choices. For those who desire to utterly and completely yield then it is not easy to embrace our own cross and the path does get narrower. But like you say, the prize is Jesus. When we know that it is only by His grace that we have got this far then we worship Him from a much deeper place than we have before. We then know more of the true Jesus for ourselves. He is every breath that we take. He is worth all that we can give Him. He is everything and He is all we need. Romans 8:38 comes alive in our lives and in our hearts. This love is so deep. So rich and pure. The purity of His love for us overwhelms me to tears. His beauty grows day on day. Needing Jesus as desperately as you describe is the very best place we can be. There is shelter for us under the shadow of His wing. Outside Him, all is meaningless.

        Today I have read Romans 8:18 right through to 38. It speaks about the bigger picture of being conformed to the likeness of Jesus. We are learning the depth of this as it’s being worked out in our lives. I thought of the utter awesomeness of what we have been called into. Some are clearly yearning in these days to surrender all and die to themselves and be what He wants. And what He wants is true sons and daughters. God is intent on having a worthy Bride for His Son. There is no other process in the entire universe that is above this. Nothing that mankind is doing – nothing whatsoever – is above Almighty God calling forth His true sons and daughters. Even with all that is going on in the world; economic collapse, revolutions, political instability and corruption, injustice, poverty, ecological and environmental calamity; the refining of the true church is at the very centre of everything. It is Gods overriding priority. It is pivotal. All creation itself groans. This earth is alive and living and yet it groans as it dies it’s own death. Even if we were to travel to the very edges of the universe and explore every corner of it, there is still nothing above this calling. It is at the very centre of Gods plan of complete redemption. It is a redemption for us but also for the whole universe and to usher in a new heaven and new earth where the lion will lie down with the lamb. This is why we go through what we do. This is the perspective we are called to have.

        Thank you for sharing about your journey Anna. We all travel our own path in terms of the unique events and circumstances to ourselves but some of the common themes of these life travails are being shared in these days, so you are not alone – rejection, hardships, loss, emotional beatings and roller-coasters, the loneliness and solitude of the narrow way.

        He works all things in conformity with His will for us.

        Ephesians 1:3-12


        • Thanks Martin. It’s encouraging to know that I’m not alone in all of this. And even though it’s hard to go through these things when we travel the narrow way I am honored that God would even take time to work on my heart and mind to help me become more like Him. I can’t imagine how much patience He must have with me, and I am grateful that He never gives up on me even when I feel so close to giving up myself.


          • It’s a pleasure to have the chance to encourage you Anna. You have such a sincere heart and you encouraged me first. It’s actually a blessing that we can encourage one another on the journey. Yours is a special life so never give up. He is with you.


    • I knew this blog post was meant for someone out there… because I had no intention of writing it today (or ever, for that matter). 🙂 God is most definitely with you during this time in your life as you cry out to Him for your family members. He hears you and He WILL answer in His own way and in His own time as long as you remain persistent in your prayers and in your faith for Him to come through and do extraordinary things in your life and in the lives of your loved ones.

      I’ve been reading a lot of Psalms recently and here are a few of my favorites about David crying out to God and God hearing him and helping him. I hope they encourage you. 🙂 Be blessed!

      “In my distress I called to the LORD; I cried to my God for help. From his temple he heard my voice; my cry came before him, into his ears.” Psalm 18:6

      “To the LORD I cry aloud, and he answers me from his holy hill.” – Psalm 3:4

      “Evening, morning and noon I cry out in distress, and he hears my voice.” – Psalm 55:17


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