I am thankful for traffic & rain on days I forget my umbrella…

November is the month of one of my favorite holidays: Thanksgiving. Because I can get away with eating way too much good food on one day, I get to not show up to work for 2 days (not that I’m not dreaming of paying invoices all day long when I’m not there) 😉 and because it’s the month that I really take the time to think about all of the things I’m thankful for.

Since today is November 1st I want to begin this month off with a list of things I am really thankful for.

  • Morning traffic (especially when I’m running late to work)- it gives me a brand new opportunity every single day to practice patience, self-control, and praying for people who I’m not quite sure how managed to pass Driver’s Ed.
  • People who don’t text back– I have the chance to really utilize my creative thinking. Are they lost in some deep, dark woods with no person around to help and no service? Did they get kidnapped by someone in a scary black van who is holding them hostage for the last 5 hours that I haven’t heard back from them for? Did they have a momentary memory lapse and can’t remember that when they receive a message they need to reply…eventually? Did their phone decide to take a swim in the toilet without their permission? (yes…. I am very guilty of this myself… but hey I’m letting other people put their creative thinking to use too) 😉
  • Barista’s that make terrible coffee– I can never feel bad about making bad coffee ever again. If a professional can’t make good coffee… than it’s ok that I can’t. (I do make good coffee… at least once a month… and when I do, I make sure everyone at my office knows about it) 😉
  • That there is no Krispy Kreme Donut’s in a 30 mile radius around me– because if there was I’d probably be broke, on a sugar high every day, + I’d probably gain a few pounds (if that’s even possible). But there IS a Panera Bread near my office which I’m not too happy about. Their Broccoli Cheddar soup and delicious pastries get me every time. .
  • Rain on days that I forget my umbrella- it gives me the best free hairstyle that my hair straightener or curler could never create. I call it the “wild frizzy ‘do”. My co-workers love it (or maybe they just love making fun of it) 😉 Oh the joys of curly hair…

What are you thankful for today? 🙂


6 thoughts on “I am thankful for traffic & rain on days I forget my umbrella…

  1. It is that month of reflecting on our blessings! I just posted my accelerated daily blessings for the month, taking the cue from another blogger. I like your glass “half full” perspective in these thoughts of thankfulness. ~ Kat


    • Just read it and I love it! I think it’ll do every person some good to sit down and think of the things they are grateful for. It might help us see that we are more blessed then sometimes we think that we are. 🙂


  2. Wow! Nice post. I liked this line the best:

    I am really thankful for…

    Morning traffic (especially when I’m running late to work)- it gives me a brand new opportunity every single day to practice patience, self-control, and praying for people who I’m not quite sure how managed to pass Driver’s Ed.

    I think like that too…sometimes 🙂

    What am i thankful for?

    Well, I thank God for every aspect of my life. For laughter and pain. For warm hugs and wet kisses. For leaky taps and buckets full of love. For broken toys and mended hearts. For sweet smelling babies and a thousand diaper changes. For the gift of tears and muffled screams. For the sweet indescribable joy of intimacy in marriage. For hunger and thirst and warm food and cold drinks. For crazy gains from shitty deals. For tiredness and strength. For short workdays and long weekends. For the joy of giving and receiving. For family. For the blue sky above and green grass below. For water and air. For my bike when traffic sucks and my car when it pours. For mistakes made and lessons learned. For disappointments and high-fives. For giggles and laughs at 3 am. For tiny hands that caress my face. For the gift of fatherhood. For wounds and scrapes and quick recoveries. For air conditioners and warm blankets. For mountains that stand in my way and faith to move them all. For forgiveness and unmerited favors. For the grace to pray and be heard. For the heartbreak of losing it all and the overwhelming joy of getting it back again. I embrace it all…the good and the not-so-bad. And I thank God for all my blessings. This is my simple, every day, not-so-eventful, ordinary life. And I absolutely love it 🙂


    • Kevin, I love your list! There are SO many things to be thankful for in life big and small and if we only take the time to remember them daily I don’t think we’d ever feel like we lack a thing. And sometimes we need to be thankful for the things that seem to be “not-so-great” because the challenges and hardships in life are what strengthen us and help us continue growing and maturing as Christians. 🙂

      I actually created a longer list last year with things I’m thankful for that you can check out here. Sometimes I still re-read it once in a while just to remember how blessed I am. 🙂 All of us need a list like that.

      Thanks for stopping by. Be blessed!


    • Wendy – music is such a blessing (especially when it’s “live”) 🙂 And I’m starting to like my curly hair now too + I’m wondering why I even bothered straightening it for the last 10 years of my life. I think I’m going to stick to just wearing it the way God created it to be. 😉

      Thanks for stopping by. Be blessed!


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