When reading the Bible is pointless…

Imagine that my family goes on a mission trip together and we have a young married couple come and house sit for us. Before we leave I give them a notebook with 10 to 12 pages of fairly detailed instructions for taking care of the house and the pets. I tell them when to water the plants. I write out where to find the food for the cat and how much food to give it. I remind them to get the mail. I explain the trash day is early on Thursday morning. I inform them that the downstairs toilet overflows and clearly state where the shut-off valve is just in case. When I give them the notebook the couple commits to doing what it says. Now I want you to imagine I come back and all the plants are dead. The garbage if full of trash. The toilet has been overflowing for days and the basement is flooded. Then i look in the backyard and there is a little grave site where the cat has been buried. Then the couple who has been house sitting comes up and explains how helpful the notebook was. In fact, they have memorized certain sections and I can see where they have highlighted different areas. They inform me that they went over parts of the notebook every night before going to bed. What am I going to say? I’m going to say, “Away from me, you evildoers!” They may have spoken words of commitment, but there is no evidence that those words meant anything.

– Kyle Idleman

Moral of this story? It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve read the Bible from front to back, it doesn’t matter how many passages you have highlighted or how many scriptures you have memorized. If God’s Word never goes past your mind and into your heart and then turns into action then it’s pointless. God doesn’t want you to just read His Word, He wants you to live by it.

Today… don’t let the Bible just be a great book of advice that you never follow. Don’t let it be a book that you are great at reading but are not so great at living by.

Let it be the Word that transforms your life. The way you talk. The way you talk. The way you see. The way you treat others. The way you face today.

Be blessed! –Anna… ♥ 

read your Biblephoto credit: [theocratic collector]

4 thoughts on “When reading the Bible is pointless…

  1. True. Joshua was told to meditate on the law day and night. And that was just the law which did not touch on the works of salvation, redemption or identity in Christ. It indicates that there is still an inherent blessing in the law. It’s still Gods Word and has blessing attached to it. The Jewish people are still amongst the most successful in commerce, the legal systems, business etc and a lot of this comes from the power and blessing of the law. How much more in the new covenant should we abide in the truth. We are to know the truth, and the truth shall make us free. In addition, wisdom covers us and protects us. In all our getting we should get wisdom in our journey in this world. It’s literal spiritual power and the fruit it bears is worth more than gold.


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    • Yes there is! It’s one thing to read it and totally another thing to actually live by it. I’m learning to make it personal for myself and apply it to my life in any way that I can. 🙂 Be blessed Stephanie!


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