I find my purpose… in a gentle whisper.

Elijah stood on the mountain waiting for God’s presence to pass by and he learned that…

God was not in the great and powerful wind that tore the mountain apart and shattered the rocks…

God was not in the earthquake that shook the earth and made everything crumble underneath him…

God was not in the mighty fire that was blazing fiercely around him…

God’s presence was not in any of those mighty, powerful things.

Instead His presence was found in a gentle whisper.

A whisper that was barely audible to the human ear.

[1 Kings 19:9-18]

And often times I wonder… why would an Almighty God choose to speak in such an unusual way? In a mere whisper?

And that’s when I realized…

To hear a whisper you need to shut out the noise of the world…

To hear a whisper you need to draw in close and focus on listening to the one who is speaking…

To hear a whisper you must be still…

And I think that’s why often times God chooses to speak not in a loud, magnificent, and noticeable way.

He speaks in a whisper because He desires for you to draw near to Him. He wants you to shut out the voices of the world around you (including your own voice) and be prepared to hear His voice.

He wants you to stop being restless and sit still before Him in His sweet presence.

He wants to speak to you intimately.

He wants to speak to you the way that you would talk to your closest friend.

I don’t quite comprehend why…

Why the creator of the galaxies has an interest in me.

Why He desires a relationship with me. I am such an insignificant human being.

But for some reason He cares about me and he cares about you.

For some reason He cares enough to number the hairs on my head. (Luke 12:7)

For some reason He counts my tears. (Psalm 56:8)

For some reason He gave up His one and only son to die for me. To die for you…

All so that He can have a relationship with you and I.

I think that’s pretty significant.

I don’t know about you but I want to draw near to Him.

I want to turn down the volume of the world and spend time listening to the voice of the One who thinks I’m worth dying for.

I want to spend my life getting to know the One who gives my life meaning and purpose.

And one day when I meet Him face to face in Heaven… I want to be running into the arms of my best friend… the arms of someone I knew intimately… the arms of someone that meant more than the world to me.

I want to know God.

Do you?

He’s waiting.

Waiting for you to take a moment and draw near to Him.

Waiting for you to take a moment to hear His gentle whisper.

James 4:8 “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.”

Be blessed! Anna…  

photo credit: [a journey of hope faith and love]

11 thoughts on “I find my purpose… in a gentle whisper.

  1. Thanks Anna for sharing in the Love that you have found and that you draw from, for reaching out to those who are are seeking the closeness and warmth and shield and sunshine of His love . Thanks for kind words of encouragement to those who comment on you remarks of Scripture when Elijah was seeking to see the Glory of God’s face face to face thinking he was the last of the prophets and people of God. Best wishes and regards to your loving words. Ron😀😎🤗


  2. This is where we truly find the Lord and enter into intimacy with Him. Sometimes there will be no one else in life and you have to hold onto Jesus. There will be times when no church congregation, no family or friends are there. There is only Jesus and He is your very life support and your life saver. This is when you prove for yourself that He is faithful and all sustaining. He can pull us back from the dead and restore us to life. His voice is like many streams that roll into one. His voice is like no other. Let us find Jesus for ourselves and drown out the noise of life and the noise that can be in church too.


    • I agree. Getting lost in the presence of Jesus and drawing nearer to Him is the best thing that we can do. Sometimes He is our only lifeline and our only hope. He will be with us through every situation we face and encourage us in a way no person can. Sometimes it’s hard when we rely on people and they don’t come through for us, but it is during those times that we can learn to lean on Christ alone and be strengthened by His love and faithfulness to us. It’s so important to turn down the noise of this world and be quiet enough to hear that still, small voice of God. It is in Him that we find true peace and rest.


    • You’re welcome. 🙂 It’s been on my heart for quite some time and it’s a good reminder for me as well that I should never neglect finding the time to hear God’s still small voice in the midst of this hectic and often times noisy world around me.


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