Jesus is on your boat…

Dark clouds were rolling in and they heard the thunder begin to roar. They saw flashes of lighting everywhere as their boat rocked from one side to the other on the raging sea. Stranded in the middle of the sea with the storm water flooding in they had no idea what to do. And as they kept looking at the waves crashing around them and heard the thunder roar, as they saw flashes of lighting they felt only one thing: fear.

And I don’t blame them. If I were one of the disciples I would be pretty afraid at that moment too. I would be scared for my life. I would worry about whether or not I would make it out alive.

Why did the disciples fear the situation they were in so much? Because of one reason: they forgot that Jesus was in their boat.

They forgot that the Almighty Son of God who has no limits of the mighty things He could do was with them. They forgot that the miracle worker was right there in that storm with them. They forgot that they were not alone and that with one word the One who was with them could calm the raging storm.

Do you ever forget? I know I do.

I think we all find ourselves in that boat sometime. In the situation where we see darkness all around us. When we don’t see any hope for a way out. When our world seems like it could be over any second.

I just have one thing to say to you: Jesus was in the boat with His disciples in the middle of that storm.

And He is with you in your boat whatever it may be.

Go to Him. Ask Him for help. Trust Him to calm that storm for you or just to calm you in the storm.

There is absolutely nothing that God cannot do for you. There is no storm too hard for Him to stop. There is nothing He cannot get you through.

Be blessed and never forget… Jesus is in YOUR boat today!Anna…  

Jeremiah 32:17 “Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.”

Jesus is on your boat, Jesus will calm your storm


One thought on “Jesus is on your boat…

  1. He is beautiful beyond compare. He is more lovely than ten thousand to my soul. When I look out on this world there is only Him. This world can offer nothing that can come close. Take the world, but give me Jesus. His name is pure honey. His beauty grows day on day. It will never fade or dim. His face is radiant and pure love is in His embrace. There is only Him. He is all things and through Him all things were made. He is the Fathers joy. He is our hearts deepest longing. He will not leave us or abandon us. Even His chastisement is birthed in love. For our higher good. A deeper love than we have even begun to know. Greater and more vast than all things. One day I will travel to a hill far away. Here, the greatest act of love the universe will ever know was manifest. Let me be broken yet deeper by the love that was shown on Calvary. Where the Lamb of God shed His precious blood for me. His precious body bruised and pierced for my wrongs. My sin nature was my enemy. A fallen son was I. But the second Adam paid my price and took my shame away. Let this love break me yet more. I offer so little in return. May I love Him more, give Him more. Let me walk the paths that His Holy feet have walked. See the place where He rose. And then, one glorious and sacred day, I will leave this dying world. I will shed this mortal shell. On the wings of love I will journey home. I will see the King in all His beauty. I will fall at His feet in worship evermore.


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