I support violence and selfishness…

I support sex outside of marriage. I support violence. I support partying. I support living a life of pleasure, selfishness, and greed at the expense of others.

I am a Christian.

How do I support these things? It’s simple. I allow myself to see them on tv.

I don’t have too much time to watch tv and when I do I try to watch good “clean” movies but when a part comes up that isn’t so “good” I take a really strong stand against it… I close my eyes or fast forward that scene. Really noble of me, I know.

One of my pastors shared his stance of watching tv at youth service once. He said he would never watch something he didn’t support in real life because that was just giving more money (and ratings) to the production of those types of movies.

This was pretty convicting for me. It would mean all I can watch for the rest of my life is documentaries and Disney movies (if that… even Disney movies aren’t as “innocent” as they may seem).

But he made a really good point.

Often times so many sinful things are introduced into our culture through what we see on the tv screen and if we take the time to watch it…then we are in a sense “supporting” it.

These days all there seems to be on tv and on magazines is violence and fornication, one movie trying to outdo the other. Rated R movies have become PG13… and sometimes we wonder why America seems to be going down a slippery slope.

We allow violence, abortions and homosexuality on tv and soon enough it we be allowed in our homes.

It seems a little drastic, I know. But there’s truth to it.

Has there not been enough shootings by teens in our world motivated by violence they see on tv or in video games to prove that what we see on tv transforms and impacts the way we think?

Hollywood glamorizes sex outside of marriage and living a life of pleasure and selfishness… and is it no surprise that we live in a generation that cares about only one thing: “me” and the divorce rate never stops growing?

I don’t know about you. But I think it’s time we think about the things we let ourselves see. The things we allow to play on the tv screen in our homes. The things we “support”, sometimes unknowingly without the desire to do so.

Paul writes to the Philippians and tells them to think about  “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable.” (Philippians 4:8)

My question to you and my question to me is: what kind of thoughts do I think based on what I choose to watch on the tv screen. Are they pure? Are they lovely? Are they right? Do they glorify and honor God?

Because that should be the standard of what we allow to enter into our lives. Not what the rating says on the back of the movie. Not whether we feel good or bad about it.

I challenge myself and I challenge you to think twice before you turn that movie or tv show on. You will live without one more episode of a show. And by doing so you are one less person supporting something that God never would.



15 thoughts on “I support violence and selfishness…

    • Thank you Wendy! That scripture has honestly made me think quite often about the things I allow myself to read, to listen to, to think, to partake in. It’s definitely a high standard for all of us believers but with God’s help we can be holy like He calls us to be. Be blessed. 🙂


  1. A wonderfully written and thought out post Anna– and you’re right on! I don’t care who like the message of the post, it is Biblical! Philippians 4 is just a snippet. We do as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ need to make choices in all aspects of our lives, and watching the “tube” is no different than what we read.
    Thank you sister for your continued blessings…


    • Thank you so much Stephanie! I always appreciate your insight and words of encouragement! Following Christ really does extend to every area of our life and it’s good to think twice about how we spend our time and whether or not everything that we do truly reflects what Christ would do. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. Be blessed.


  2. This is explicitly the reason why the bible should not be taken literally because when it is, people resort to some really screwed up personal holiness standards and self-righteousness.


    • Amazingly Autistic,

      God’s Word tells us to be holy as He is holy (Ephesians 2:8-9) so yes, I do desire to be holy because I want to be Christ-like. I want to be the light to the world like Jesus calls each one of us to be. And being holy has nothing to do with being self-righteous. There is no way I can be holy on my own. No way I can go against the desires of my sinful flesh to do what I desire to do rather than what calls me to do. It is only by the help of the Holy Spirit that I can ever be remotely close to what God calls me to be as His child.

      As for taking the Bible literally. I always will. And my perspective is not skewed or “screwed up” as you referred to it because of it. I take from God’s Word the things I like to read. Things about His love for me. What He did on the cross for me. The hope I have for my future with Him, and the salvation I will receive by my belief in Him. I take literally the things I don’t necessarily “like” to read. Things about resisting my flesh and my worldly desires. About dying to my sinful “self” so I can live for Him. About the fact that anyone who is lukewarm in their belief will not enter heaven.

      I don’t know where you stand with Christ. You don’t claim to be a Christian, but you believe in Him. Regardless, I don’t think we will see eye to eye on what is written in God’s Word and what it means to live it out and I won’t try to convince you to change your viewpoint or to tell you that the way you see things are “insane”. This is my place to share what I’m learning in life. What God is teaching me through His Word and I don’t expect everyone to share my beliefs exactly as I do and to agree with everything I write here.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting here. No one likes when people “disagree” with them, but it’s good to be challenged in what we believe and I appreciate that you take the time to share your viewpoint (even if I do not agree with it). 🙂 Be blessed.


  3. Wow, what fanaticism! This has got to be the most ridiculous thing, I have ever heard. Seriously! People wonder why I think Christianity is screwed up, well here is part of the reason. I’m sorry Anna but I totally disagree and find your thoughts just insane here.


    • When I first read this comment I’m not going to lie, I was offended. But then I realized that I am grateful for what you have written here, because I take it as a compliment. If you think I am a “fanatic” that’s great! Jesus was quite the “fanatic” in His time. People didn’t agree with what He said. His teaching was contrary to their own religion, beliefs and lifestyle. He was the light bringing truth and light to our sinful world and the very people that claimed to be “waiting for the Savior” crucified Him. So am I offended that you think I am “insane”? No, not really. I follow Christ. And I don’t by any means expect people to always agree with what I write on here.

      As for the post itself… I’m not sure what you disagree with so much. It may be a “drastic” way to think of it that way. The fact that we “support” certain things in this world by merely watching them on our tv screens. I thought it was drastic when my pastor brought it up in church but it convicted me and made me think twice about what I allow myself to see in media. And I am God’s child. Created in His image. Called to follow Him in all that I do. That includes my entertainment habits. If He was in my shoes would He be watching some of the things I allow myself to watch? I don’t think so.

      My post was not written to judge people, to tell them what to do, or what to believe in. Only to challenge them to see something in a new light, just as I was challenged to see it in a new light. 🙂

      Thank you (again) for stopping by and commenting. I love insight from other bloggers even if they don’t agree with them. 🙂 Be blessed.


  4. Very good article.. Totally agree with you on this… I’m from India and here too the youth are catching up with the American sitcoms which is mostly sex-centric… The idea of sex and of various other values is slowly changing coz of these TV shows which are telecasted the world over…I really appreciate the courage you have in putting up this challenging post. :).. Keep up the good work… We need more bold people like you.. 🙂


    • I often wonder what our world and culture would be like today if media never existed. Would violence and divorce rates be as high? Would people live by higher moral standards? Would we see our lives a little differently? I think so. I think many of our values changed with the growth of media. And unfortunately, it’s not usually for the better.

      Thank you for stopping by. I try to write about the things God “convicts” me of even if I know it may not always be “pleasant” for others to hear or read (or for myself, for that matter). May God bless you!


      • I don’t think we will ever be able to stop the media or the TV programs from being telecasted. The reason being there is big money involved in them. The world has already been affected by the idealogies in them. We need to pray for a change of heart and also stand up for what we believe in… That’s the only way I see it. 🙂


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