A break from all the serious stuff…

I have loved the newspaper since I was a little girl. The second I got it I would open it up and look through every page to find my favorite section… which would be? The comics. Of course. 😉

Even now when I pick up the newspaper at the office in the morning the first thing I read isn’t the front page… but the comics. I’m so intelligent, I know. 😉

I think we all need to laugh often. Be a little lighthearted. Have a sense of humor. My sister told me recently that I’m cheesy and it made my day. Because I’m pretty serious for the most part but once in a while it’s okay to have a goofy side… to be a little cheesy…to not take things too seriously. 🙂

I have a lot of serious things on my mind I want to write about today. Too many things probably. But I think I’ll take a break from that today. Instead I want to share some pretty funny e-cards I’ve seen on pinterest recently.

Take some time. Read them. Laugh.

It’s good for you. 🙂

And come back here tomorrow…

I’ll be back to my serious self. 😉



6 thoughts on “A break from all the serious stuff…

    • Thanks for stopping by Morgan. I love your blog as well! You have a lot of beautiful pictures + quotes and posts on some of my favorite topics. 🙂 I am definitely following you and look forward to reading your future posts as well. 🙂 Be blessed!


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