Thank God for closed doors…

We all know we need to thank God after He answers our prayers. After He opens a door for us. After He gets us through the storm.

But what do we do before He does any of those things?

Do we just sit still and do nothing as we wait on Him?

No. In fact… I think what we need to do before God opens the door for us is the same thing that we need to do after He opens that door.

Thank Him.

See… thanking God after the door is open already is easy. It’s called giving praise for what He’s done.

But thanking God before the door is open is hard. It’s called having faith for what He is about to do.

Often times we remember to take the time to thank God after He already opened the door for us. But I think what makes an even bigger difference is when we take the time to thank God for the closed door in front of us.

Thanking Him for the closed door shows God that we trust Him for the road He has prepared for us before we even set foot on it. It means that we have faith in His timing and His will in opening the door for us.

Today… don’t forget to thank God for the doors He’s already opened for you. For the prayers He’s already answered.

And after you do that – start doing something new: start thanking Him for the closed doors in your life. Start thanking Him for the prayers that He has not answered yet.

By doing so… your faith will grow and you will see the mighty things God can do for you before that door even opens. Anna… 


6 thoughts on “Thank God for closed doors…

  1. I was in a dark hallway several years ago, and you are SO right. Praise and thanksgiving made a huge difference. That’s not to say it was easy, nor was I a “perfect praiser” all the time. But I knew that the joy of the Lord was going to be my strength (Nehemiah 8:10). There is great truth in another of your observations also: Thanking God for closed doors demonstrates trust.

    P.S. Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m delighted that you found “Not Length But Strength” and “Come to the River” meaningful.


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