A place to escape to… {daily prompt}

My Secret Place

I go there to dance when I’m happy.

I go there to cry when I’m sad.

I go there when I feel overwhelmed with the circumstances of life.

I go there to seek God’s guidance before I make big decisions.

I go there when I’m going through storms.

I go there when life brings me to my knees.

I go there to journal about everything on my heart.

I go there to escape the noisiness of the world.

I go to be there to be alone with God.

I go there to remember what life is all about.

Sometimes I go there for no reason at all….

It’s my personal oasis. My sercret place. My sanctuary. My place for God and me.

I drive on a windy road to get there.

I walk down wooden steps to the water down below.

I usually find a rock to sit on underneath a tree.

I pull out my journal, my Bible, (and sometimes my coffee or tea).

I watch the waves as they crash around me.

I listen to the birds chirping sweet melodies.

And for just a few hours I get to escape the world around me…

This is my secret place. My escape. My sanctuary. My place for just God and me.

What is your secret place?

Copy of dumas bay


7 thoughts on “A place to escape to… {daily prompt}

  1. I am still looking for my secret place. It seems no where in my house is inescapable from other people. I try going to my room and setting on my bed and its not two seconds before someone is coming through the door. I go to the bathtub and that doesn’t stop them either. If it weren’t so cold I could go to the park or to the woods, however the cold and I do not agree. Any suggestions?


    • Well… I’m not sure where you live or what kind of “nature getaways” you have there, but when it’s cold sometimes I like to just drive to a pretty park and sit in my car with my music on and maybe something hot to drink and I have my “alone time” there. Or you can bundle up and bring a warm blanket with you and go on a nice walk somewhere (like a beach or a river) where there aren’t too many people around. Sometimes I just walk to an Elementary school near my house that has a swingset and I can just sit there for a while. When I was younger my “secret place” was the closet underneath my staircase at home. It was big and we didn’t store anything in it (other than on the hangers) so I would put a whole bunch of blankets and pillows there and just talk to God there…

      There are a lot of places you can go. Sometimes you just need to be a little bit creative in thinking up the options you have available for you. I hope you find that special place soon! 🙂


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