I have some bad news…

I have some bad news

You don’t have to look far to hear about the terrible things going around the world. You just need to find a remote control and turn on a news channel.

You don’t have to look far to read about how sinful and dark the world has become. You just need to look through a magazine at your local grocery store.

You don’t have to look far to see the unnecessary evils that people face in their world today. You just need to pick up a newspaper and read it.

The world thrives on sharing bad news everywhere you look

Christians should thrive on sharing the good news everywhere we go especially around this season of Christmas that celebrates the birth of the savior of our world.

The good news that Jesus loves everyone and that the gift of salvation is open to anyone who confesses Him as their savior.

The good news that there is hope for them for this life and for the one after.

The good news that they don’t have to be entangled by sin and the darkness of this world anymore

The good news that God’s plan for their life is so much better than the one they have envisioned on their own.

The good news that even in a world where so much evil prevails, God is still under control.

The good news that they can wake up every morning with a purpose and a reason to live.

The good news that nothing can come their way that they can’t handle because God is always by their side.

The night of Jesus’ birth the angels couldn’t help but share the good news with the shepherds.

The news that God’s own son was born in the flesh to come and redeem the lost, the broken, the hurting people who were in need of a savior.

Let’s continue sharing the same good news that is still true today?

I think there are so many people in this world that have yet to hear it and you  might be the exact person God is sending to share the good news with them.

Be blessed! Anna… ♥

2 thoughts on “I have some bad news…

  1. We all need to keep our eyes open for who God wants us to share the good news with. Life is tough and there are a lot of lost out there who need the love of Christ. What a difference it would make of everyone who loves Jesus would share Him with even one other person. I pray for God’s people to have the courage to share Him with the lost.


    • I totally agree with you Shelly! Sometimes we get so caught up in our life and the issues we may be dealing with that we forget to look around and see when we could reach out a hand and help someone else who is need of hearing the good news. That’s one of the things I pray for every day. That God would give me eyes like His and help me see the world and the people around me just like He does so that I can show compassion and love to those who need it.


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