Beyond the decor, the presents, the festivities… {Christmas}

For some Christmas is all about the presents under the tree…

For others Christmas is all about the pretty decorations they get to put up each year…

For others Christmas is about all of the festivities and celebrations they get to enjoy during this time of year…

But for ALL of us Christmas should be the day we remember the greatest gift of all ever given to us: the gift of Jesus Christ being born in a manger.

The gift of hope for eternity.

The gift of peace for our every moment with Him.

The gift of love to spread to all those around us through Him.

Today as you go about your day. As you do your Christmas shopping. As you attend your Christmas celebrations remember to stop and thank God for sending us His perfect gift.

And never forget that beyond the decorations, beyond the music, beyond the presents, beyond the festivities it all goes back to one person, to one event, to one thing we ought to keep at the center of it all: the birth of our savior – Jesus. He is what Christmas is all about!

Here are a few of my favorite Christmas quotes. Enjoy!Anna… 

Jesus is the reason quote, Christmas quote, Jesus is the reason for this season,

Christmas quote, Jesus is the best gift,

CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS QUOTE, YOU CAN NEVER ENJOY CHRISTMAS UNTIL YOU CAN LOOK UP INTO THE FATHER'S FACE AND TELL HIM YOU RECEIVED HIS CHRISTMAS GIFTCHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS QUOTE, CHRIST WAS BORN IN THE FIRST CENTURYCHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS QUOTE, EACH OF US US AN INN KEEPERCHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS QUOTE, HE BECOME LIKE US SO WE CAN BECOME LIKE HIMchristmas, christmas quote, it's not about what's under the tree it's about who hung on the tree Christmas, christmas quote, many people sought to be God CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS QUOTE, THE BEAUTY OF CHRISTMAS ISN'T IN PRESENTS christmas, christmas quote, the father gave his son to us Christmas, Christmas quote, we should be less concerned with keeping christ in christmas and more concerned in keeping christ in christian

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