One more day, one more tragedy…

one more day, one more tragedyOur world awakened once again to news of tragedy.To news of death.

To news of innocent  little children losing their lives.

And this isn’t even a new occurrence.

Just last week there was a shooter in a mall in Oregon that shot a few people.

Just a few months back there was a shooter in a dark movie theatre who chose to end a few lives.

It’s heartbreaking.

Heartbreaking to know that we live in a world where people can so easily take the lives of others.

Heartbreaking to know that you can’t send your children to school being 100% confident that they are safe.

Heartbreaking to know that in just a second your life could end at the expense of someone else’s rage. Someone else’s carelessness of life. Someone else’s hate.

I don’t know about you… but to me all of this is proof once again that this world is in desperate need of God.

In desperate need to turn from darkness to light.

In desperate need to re-think our values and our lifestyles.

Why did the shooter choose to take the lives of innocent children?

I don’t know.

But I do know one thing for sure… if he had a relationship with God and understood the value of life he would have never dared to do such an evil thing.

If he knew about God’s love for him he wouldn’t have acted out in hatred.

If he had issues he had to deal with his first reaction wouldn’t be to run to the nearest store to buy a gun but instead run to God…

Today… I pray for all of those children and families in Connecticut.

Children that should have lived to see the light of day tomorrow.

Children that had a bright future ahead of them.

Children that went to their graves too early.

I pray that God will comfort the families. Bring healing to everyone affected by this tragedy.

And I pray that somehow in the end we will learn that in a dark, sinful, and broken world God can heal the brokenhearted, He can comfort those in pain, and He can help us change the world we live in.

Change it so that instead of killing one another, we would love one another.

Instead of taking life for granted, we would cherish it.

Instead of allowing evil to exist we will do whatever we can to stop it.

Because the only way we can wake up tomorrow morning or the morning after that in a better world is by the intervention of a merciful God and the action and prayers of many people.

Please pray for those victims today as if they were your own children. Your own loved one’s. Your own family.

If there is a time for us to get on our knees, to cry out to God, and to pray for mercy… that time is now.

Be blessed. –Anna… 

[Image creator unknown. Please respond if you know the author so credit can be given.]


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