In memory of Connecticut…

connecticut shooting, children

To many of us the shooting in Connecticut will be a tragedy remembered for a long time but for the families of the victims it will be more than memories of a terrible event. It will be something they will have to face every day for the rest of their life. Living without someone they love. Not having the future they hoped and prayed for. Not understanding why.

Today I want to remember those children that died and the brave teachers that would have given up their lives for them. I want to pray for the families whose lives will never be the same.

Their children may be dancing with Jesus in heaven but they are still mourning here on earth for their loss. And as comforting as it is to know that their children are safer now then they have ever been, that they are in a better place it is still hard to face the reality that they have been so quickly and unexpectedly taken away from them…

Here are a few poems and pictures I came across this weekend in memory of the tragedy.

Read through them and don’t forget to say a prayer for all of the families today.

Blessings! Anna… 

Here’s an excerpt from a timely poem written about the tragedy in Sandy Hook...

connecticut shooting, poem

“T’was eleven days before Christmas
Around 9:38,
When twenty beautiful children
Stormed Heaven’s gate
Their smiles were contagious
Their laughter filled the air,
They could hardly believe
All the beauty they saw there!
They were filled with such joy
They didn’t know what to say,
They remembered nothing
Of what had happened earlier that day,
“Where are we?” Asked a little girl,
As quiet as a mouse,
“This is Heaven!” declared a small boy,
“We’re spending Christmas at God’s House!”–Cameo Smith, Mt. Wolf, PAvictoria soto, connecticut shooting
connecticut shooting, kaitlin roig

connecticut shooting, poem, tabatha vargo[Image creator unknown. Please respond if you know the author so credit can be given.]


2 thoughts on “In memory of Connecticut…

  1. Thank you for the remembrance of those small children and the adults that went to heaven. The picture broke my heart (again) but its always good to remember them. Could I borrow the picture of them and your text “In memory of…” for my small instrumental I wrote called “Tears for the dream”. It is not a commercial thing, just a small collection of my songs and one I want to dedicate to them. It is for an icon in soundcloud. God bless you.
    Thank you


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