More than a cross around your neck…

more than a cross around your neck

A cross shouldn’t just be a piece of jewelry you wear around your neck.

It should be the thing you pick up to carry daily as you walk after God.

The church shouldn’t just be a place you attend every Sunday morning.

It should be a body that you take part in to play your role in being a light to the world.

Worship shouldn’t just be the songs that you sing before the preacher shares his message at church.

It should be a lifestyle of bringing glory to God that you live from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep.

The Bible shouldn’t just be a book you read once in a while when you need motivation or encouragement.

It should be the words that you meditate on every day. The words that you live by, walk by, talk by.

God shouldn’t just be someone you talk to when you have problems in your life.

He should be someone you include every single part of your life.

Sharing the gospel isn’t just putting a “Jesus loves you” bumper sticker on your car.

It’s walking across the street to share the good news of Jesus Christ to your neighbor.

It’s so easy to get the religion part down for many Christians and yet have no clue what Jesus is even all about.

It’s easy to attend the right places. To say the right words. To wear the right stuff… and in the midst of all that… still have it all wrong.

My hope is that we stop and think for a moment about how we live out our faith.

Do we do it out of religious duty? Out of practice? Or out of love?

Does our Sunday morning worship extend to the rest of the week?

Is the bumper sticker on our car our only way of sharing the gospel with others?

Do we only run to God when we have issues in our life that we can’t handle on our own?

The truth is… by our own standards we could have this whole “Christianity” thing down and yet not even know Jesus at all.

God’s Word says that many people will say “Lord, Lord….” Yet He doesn’t even know them.

He never walked with them. Never talked with them. Never lived life with them on earth.

And yet they probably performed all the right religious duties.

They probably said all the right prayers.

They may have even helped all the right people around them.

Yet in all of their religious practices that they had down so perfectly… they forgot one thing: Jesus isn’t about religion and practices. He’s about relationships and love.

And if you don’t have that part down, no matter how religious you  may be you really don’t have it down at all.

Be blessed and never forget: it’s all about Jesus and having a relationship with Him. Don’t ever make it about anything else.Anna… 



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