One helpless Monday morning… {daily post}

I woke up that morning feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders.

I thought I was stronger than I was.

I thought I could handle things better.

But I felt weak.



And so out of control.

I thought things would have been different by now.

As I remembered the night before.

That sick feeling recurring at the pit of my stomach.

That renewed hurt that should have been long gone.

That feeling like things would never get better.

The belief that I was left to fend on my own.

What caused that feeling itself doesn’t matter anymore.

What matters is what happened after.

The same thing that happens every time.

See… when I feel helpless there is one man that always turns that around for me.

One man that helps me see the light.

One man that turns my hopelessness into hope.

My pain into joy.

My fear into faith.

I don’t have to do anything.

Just allow Him to step in.

And that morning He intervened in the most glorious way possible.

He sent the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen.

I had to pull over to capture it as I was driving to work.

sunrise, last

That morning that sunrise changed it all around for me.

Because that sunrise was created by the same hands that held my life.

That sunrise reminded me that this was a new day.  A new hope. A new beginning.

That sunrise helped me see that I was not alone.

That I had nothing to fear.

That the last day of the year would give way to a brand new year.

A brand new hope.

A brand new beginning.

That one helpless Monday morning God intervened with a sunrise and I know that everything would be okay.



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