Does God still hear?

cry, bitter heartEvery day it was the same.

Days turned into weeks.

Weeks turned into months.

Months turned into years.

And still seemingly forgotten by God she remained.

She didn’t want a crown of jewels on her head. She didn’t want the approval of the world around her. She didn’t want money or fame. She desired what any wife during her time wanted: a little baby.

A baby to hold. A baby to care for. A baby to call her own.

She was constantly ridiculed by her husband’s other wife. Living each day in humiliation and shame.

Ending each night with tears.

She couldn’t sleep. She couldn’t eat. She couldn’t face the day knowing her situation wouldn’t change.

God knew her heart. He knew her desire. He saw what she was going through.

He saw the tears she cried at night. The humiliation she could barely withstand every day. The aching desire within her beating heart.

And year after year what did He do? Nothing.

Instead of giving her the one thing she wanted so desperately He kept it from her.

{1 Samuel 1:5-7}

Does that sound like a loving, caring God to you? Not really.

I don’t know about you but I would have given up by then.

I would have thought that God had forgotten me.

I would have long given up hope.

I would have settled for a life of constant shame believing that was what God wanted for me.

But what did Hannah do? The one thing she knew best: she prayed.

She believed that God was still up there somewhere. That although it seemed like she was forgotten, that He still saw her, that He still cared. That He still had a greater plan.

She cried out her prayers in anguish. The Bible says in “bitterness of her soul she wept sore”.

She poured her soul out before God. She held nothing back.

Not her bitterness. Not her tears. Not her humiliation. Not her desires. Not her fears.

{1 Samuel 1:10,15}

And that was one prayer that changed everything.

And instead of holding back…instead of keeping from her… God remembered her and gave her the desire of her heart.

Today I just want to remind you that sometimes that’s all it takes: one more prayer.

Sometimes we give up to easily.

God seems to have forgotten us and we think He no longer hears, He no longer cares.

The truth is He cares about you.

He has not forgotten you.

He knows you every need.

He counts your every tear.

{Psalm 56:8}

Maybe you find yourself in Hannah’s place today.

Living one day after another, wondering if God is still listening, if He will ever answer. If things will ever change.

I want to encourage you to not give up. To not stop drawing near to God. To not lose hope.

No matter how dark it is. No matter how hopeless it seems.

Sometimes all it takes is one more prayer…

Be blessed and keep on praying. God still hears. Anna… ♥

God counts your tears[Image creator unknown. Please respond if you know the author so credit can be given.]

17 thoughts on “Does God still hear?

  1. I stand in the awe of what God is using you to do in this blog. Thank you Anna for cooperating with the Holy Spirit and blessing so many people. I want to also thank the LORD for your next job and next level of glory and virtue.


  2. I’m currently at the part of my life where I am patiently waiting. Not just waiting but waiting with self-control and a spirit of power. I was really inspired by your blogs… I simply want to say “thank you” but I guess there’s more I want to say.. 🙂 God bless you more and I love you with the love of the Lord …


    • Thank you so much for stopping by here! We all go through seasons of waiting (which are never that simple or easy) and if done right, God will teach us so much during this time when “nothing” seems to be happening. May He help you continue waiting patiently and trusting Him to come through for you. Be blessed!


  3. What a gift you have. I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon your blog and now hours later, I have been opening your postings in different tabs telling myself “ok, one more and then go to sleep”. Yet, they’re so encouraging and timely. I found myself nodding while reading a number of your posts. I’m grateful that I found this and that you took the time to write it and share with all of us. Many thanks.


    • I’m so sorry to be the cause of you staying up too late but I’m glad the blog has been encouraging to you! 🙂 May God fill you with His joy and peace and bless you in everything you set your heart out to do as you step into this new year with Him. Be blessed!


  4. Hi..what a wonderful post. Infact, I once became impatient & started thinking if GOD is there listening me… I wrote about it:
    And everyone just tried to convince me …that GOD will surely listen ..when the time will come…
    & ur post fills so much faith, so much trust, so much hope …& so much confidence that GOD is there looking at me… guiding me..caring for me 🙂
    Thanks a ton for sharing this 🙂


    • Hi Akanksha, I totally agree with you, it’s so easy to get impatient with waiting on God (especially when we live in a world where we get everything done as fast as possible), but often times it is in the wait that we learn to lean on God the most and trust Him completely for coming through for us.

      Faith would be too “easy” if we always got what we wanted when we wanted it. God always knows what’s best for us (like a good Father) and He always gives (or withholds) things from us for the right reasons.

      Thanks for stopping by. Be blessed! 🙂


  5. Hi Anna – You’ve written so many amazing posts. You should really consider turning them into a book…like i did. In fact, that’s exactly why i am writing to you. I know you like reading and was wondering if i could send you my books – as a gift. I admit it won’t even be half as insightful or interesting as a C S Lewis or A W Tozer work, but whatever i wrote came straight from the heart. You might like it and even be inspired to write your first book – afterall your writing is so much better than mine. Just let me know where you would want it sent. There is only one condition: if you really like the books you’ll have to write a 3-4 line review on my amazon page. I’d really appreciate that 🙂


  6. Hannah was a wonderful woman of God… I recently read about her plight. I more sure than ever that God not only hears our prayers, but He answers each and every one. As only a loving Father can…for our own good! Also for His glory and honor and His will to be done. Thank you for sharing a beautiful representation of “just how much He love us”.
    Be blessed Anna!


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