Waiting for a sign…

waiting for a sign

Sometimes when life gets hard, when the road gets dark, when hope starts to falter it’s easy to start doubting God’s Will, God’s plan, and God’s intentions for your life.

And during those times I feel like a lost little child running around, searching for a sign. A sign that God still loves me. A sign that God has a plan and a purpose for my life beyond my own. A sign that I have hope to hold onto for the future.

And recently I’ve felt a conviction when I have those “hard” days and feel the need to get that “divine” sign sent from heaven.

Jesus reminds me once again that I never need to search for a sign. I don’t need to wait for some sort of special message from Him.

The signs are already all there. They have always been. And they will always be.

When I wonder if Jesus understands what I’m going through He helps me remember heaven and asks…

“Was there not a vacant throne for 33 years when I went down to experience life as a human to its fullest just so that I can understand exactly what you are going through?”

When I wonder if Jesus still loves me He leads me to the cross and asks….

“Are there not nail pierced hands and a blood-stained cross to prove that I love you more that you can possibly imagine from this day until now?”

When I wonder if Jesus still has a purpose for my life He tells me to put a hand over my heart and asks….

“Is there not breath in your lungs and a beating heart to prove that there is a reason for you to be alive today?”

When I wonder if I have hope and a future to look forward to He brings me to the Jesus’ tomb and asks…

“Is there not an empty tomb to prove that Christ has risen indeed and one day you will live in a glorious eternity with Him which you always have to look forward to?  

Today… are you searching for a sign?

For proof that God still loves you?

That He still cares?

That He still has a purpose for you?

You don’t have to search far.

Just come to Jesus and have Him remind you that it’s all still there.

All the proof you will ever need that He loves you, that He has a plan for you, and that you have an amazing future to look forward to today.  Anna… ♥

[Image creator unknown. Please respond if you know the author so credit can be given.]


9 thoughts on “Waiting for a sign…

  1. God was not in the earthquake or the fire. He was in the still small voice. We seek to get our lives into that place, away from the noise and din of life (even the Christian world of activity) and hear His still small voice to us.


    • Yes… and the world does such a great job of distracting us and filling us with noise. It’s so important to take time to get away from it all and connect back with God. He’ll help us stay on His path and living for His kingdom instead of this one here on earth.


  2. Beautifully written Anna… and something we all need to be inconstant remembrance of. I am sending this to my daughter who just this morning seems to be in that same place as you!
    Bless you for sharing your heart with all of us!


    • Thank you Stephanie. I seem to always find myself in the need to remind myself of these things. Good thing I always have God’s Word to turn to.:) I hope your daughter was encouraged. Be blessed!


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