I’ve got a man…

i've got a man

Today is the day.

The day all the dating and married women post pictures all over facebook of all the sweet things their husbands bought or did for them.

The day all the young single girls are writing about how they don’t need any man in their life because they are oh-so-satisfied in Christ.

The day young single guys joke about saving money because they have no special someone to shower with gifts.

And I’ve been tempted to write about a million different things.

Such as the top 10 reasons of why I’m still single. (But I’ve already covered those here) 🙂

How I don’t need a man because I’m 100% satisfied in Christ.

Why I’m oh-so-happy that I am single and what God’s purpose is during this season of my life.

But I’ve decided to spare you any of those blog posts (at least for now) 😉

I came across this quote that I want to leave you with about love by Joshua Harris.

“The world takes us to a silver screen on which flickering images of passion and romance play and as we watch, the world says ‘This is love.’ God takes us to the foot of a cross on which a naked and bloodied man hangs and says, ‘THIS is love.”

I don’t want to undermine romantic love since this is what today is all about… but at the same time since today IS about love isn’t it only right to point back to the creator of love?

To the one who died because of love?

To the one who IS love Himself?

And as I sit here and think about Valentine’s Day I’m learning to realize that although I don’t have a man to bring me chocolate or roses today, I have a man who continually brings me many beautiful sunrises that He created with His own hands.

Although I don’t have a man to shower me with sweet words and wishes and tell me how much he loves me I have a man who continues to shower me with His grace and love daily through His presence.

Although I don’t have a man who loves me enough to put a ring on my finger so I can spend the rest of my life with him, I have a man who loved me enough to die on a cross for me so I can spend eternity with Him.

Although I don’t have a man to walk side by side with me through this journey of life together, I have a man who has already been walking next to me from the second I breathed my first breath until the moment I take my last breath.

Yes… I have a man who is better than Prince Charming, Mr, Darcy, and Mr. Right combined. 😉

A man worth waking up every day for.

A man worth living each moment for.

A man I’m looking forward to spending not only the rest of my life, but ETERNITY with.

Of course, I’d love for my Mr. Right to show up on my doorstep tomorrow morning but that’s probably not going to happen 😉

And until he chooses to be in my life in flesh… he’s going to be in my life through my prayers because I know that the man whose taking care of me will take care of him too.

And as for why Mr. Right hasn’t come yet? I think the answer is pretty simple. Jesus just doesn’t want to share me yet. 😉

I hope you all enjoy your Valentine’s Day – single, dating, married – it doesn’t matter what your relationship status is.

You know there is always someone out there who thought you were worth dying for. 🙂 Be blessed! Anna… ♥

You are God's Child [Image creator unknown. Please respond if you know the author so credit can be given.]

5 thoughts on “I’ve got a man…

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  2. Hi Anna,

    “Jesus just doesn’t want to share me yet”

    What a beautiful post this is!!! So inspired – and inspiring to me, and I’m sure to many others as well. Your writing is superb.
    Thank you for writing this.
    robin claire


  3. Excellent piece. *Thank you* for being honest and vulnerable. The “love holiday” can be difficult and lonely…I like what you said, that “Jesus just doesn’t want to share me yet.” That is wonderful to ponder! Thank you again for writing:)


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