To help you face today…

to help you face today

He created the heavens and the earth.

He parted the sea to protect His people.

He calmed the storm in the middle of the raging waters.

He healed the blind man with a single touch.

He protected the three men in the fiery furnace.

He closed the mouth of lions.

He made the sun stand still.

He turned the biggest persecutor of believers into one of the greatest missionary’s who walked this earth.

He overcame the grave.

He is God.

Almighty.  Powerful. Magnificent. Great.

And He is next to you with every step that you take.

Sometimes I worry, I stress, I get discouraged not because my problems are so big, but because I forgot that my God is so big.

Maybe you won’t be able to handle the things you have to face today but He can.

He can carry you through your storm.

He can help you overcome your fears.

He can protect you from danger.

He has been doing it from the beginning of time.

And He is doing it today.

Never forget how big your God is and how much He adores you.

There’s nothing you can’t get through with Him by your side.

Be encouraged today. You are not facing it alone.

Blessings! Anna…  God can calm your stormphoto credit: [lurvely] via flickr


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