When I am lost and confused…

When I am

When I am lost and confused and don’t know where to turn

You are my Good Shepherd, guiding me on the right path

Walking with me every step of the way

When I have no place to run

You are my safe refuge

Waiting for me with open arms

When I am hurting

You are my Almighty healer

Waiting to mend my broken heart

When nights get dark and days grow dreary

You are my steady rock

On whose firm foundation and promises I stand

When I am tired and weary

You are my hiding place

Where I can always go to find peace and rest

When I am desperate for a touch from heaven

You are my loving Father

Who provides for my every need

When I am lonely

You are my closest friend.

And every brand new day…

You are my everything.

What is God to you? Anna… 

[Image creator unknown. Please respond if you know the author so credit can be given.]


6 thoughts on “When I am lost and confused…

  1. This is beautiful…

    Without God I’m toast. I get to the end of my rope quickly, I feel unforgiving of the nurse who neglected my mom causing her to fall and have her seizure, my PTSD symptoms threaten to come back, and life seems all but meaningless with pain and heartache.

    With him, it’s a while different story. through his grace I can be what he created me to be and I can love others with his love, including the neglectful nurse. Life is full of his goodness, even as I grieve for my mom.

    He is my strength, my hope for the future, and my everything.

    Great post.


    • Amen! I was encouraged just by reading your post. What an incredible testimony to share with others of how God helps us handle those curve balls in life with His grace in a way we’d never be able to on our own.

      Lately the phrase I’ve been repeating in my mind is “Life is hard, but God is always good” because sometimes when life isn’t going so great I start to think that maybe God isn’t as good as I think He is, but in reality it’s especially the not so great stuff in life that the most good comes out of when it’s in the hands of God. 🙂

      I’m happy that He’s been helping you work through and remain faithful and encouraged in Him with everything that is happening in your life. May you continue to walk in His strength and joy every day! Be blessed!


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