Burned out?

Signs that signal you may be in early stages of burnout in ministry:

  1. One year in solitary confinement is sounding more and more like a good option.
  2. Spending time with your mother-in-law begins to be more inviting than going to a ministry event or meeting
  3. Your ministry leader calls for the third time wondering where you have been. You consider changing your phone number and possibly moving.
  4. The sight of a ministry volunteer sign-up sheet brings on a severe allergic reaction.
  5. You realize that you are in this ministry for life, which is funny, because you feel you no longer have one.
  6. Every time somebody praises you for your work, you suspiciously eye them, certain that they will ask you to do one more thing.
  7. You have contacted the Witness Protection program to hide you from the other ministry leaders.
  8. You think you would like to work at McDonald’s. It might be nice to see something more fried than you feel.
  9. You imagine yourself in a monk’s robe, and it doesn’t seem so far-fetched anymore.
  10. You find yourself seeing the long wait in line at the post office as a blessing from God.

From the book “Leading on Empty” by Wayne Cordeiro.


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