There’s more to life than facebook…

unplug, social media, technologyThere is so much more to life than likes on facebook, re-tweets on twitter, and follows on instagram.

In this world of social media it’s so easy to get caught up in our cool gadgets, in our phones, on our online profiles that we forget that real life is happening right in front of us and if we don’t take the time to unplug for those things we just might miss those moments.

Social media in itself is not such a bad thing. But just like many things in this world when you have too much of a good thing it can turn into a not so great thing.

Positives of social media? You can share your life with others, connect with people you don’t have daily contact with, and use it as a tool to honor God by the things your post.

Negatives of social media? I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

First… it becomes easier play the “comparison” game. I’m sure I don’t have to explain that one. If you do… just read my post here.

Second… it makes it easier for us to care too much about what people think of us. We put others opinion of us higher than God’s and we are constantly seeking other people’s approval and validation of ourselves.

Third… it becomes harder to be real and authentic about life when we are always trying to post the best version of ourselves for the world to see.

We start equating our spiritual maturity with how many posts we write about God.

Our worth as a person on how many “likes” we get.

Our influence on how many followers or friends we have.

And then when we don’t measure up according the standards we create for ourselves we feel discouraged about who we are. Or at least about who we portray ourselves to be.

A few months ago I decided to not go on facebook for a month, and you know what I realized?

Life went on without me checking up on what the people in my world were constantly up to.

I didn’t have the desire to post every little thing I did, or felt, or wanted people to see.

I spent less time trying to capture the moments and instead enjoyed those moment fully.

It was a pretty “freeing” thing to do.

I am not in any way against facebook, or instagram, or twitter.

I think they are all great tools for sharing life moments and for sharing what God has been putting on your heart.

But when they become a source of competition, a source of jealousy, a source of self-worth, a source of distraction from God, and a tool that makes you waste your time. Then maybe it is time for you to un-plug?

I chose to unplug because I wanted to have more solitude with God. Less distractions from the world. No reason for comparison. And more time for working on my blog. And you know what? The changes were noticeable. Especially in my writing. I had no other outlet to share what God had been putting on my heart and journaling + blogging was what I turned to.

What about you?

Do you have any reasons to unplug?

Pastor Joshua Becker shares a few great reasons of why people should unplug. I don’t know if I’m going to “unplug” anytime soon again (for an extended period of time) but I would definitely recommend it for everyone. At least to see what a difference it can make in your life.

If you are debating about whether or not it’s a good idea or not I’d have you ask yourself a few questions:

  • Can you go a full day without checking your social media profiles?
  • Is your phone, your computer, or your profiles one of the first things you check in the morning or one of the last things you do before you go to sleep?
  • Do you find yourself feeling down or discouraged when you see other people’s “lives” on social media and they are “better off” than you?
  • Do you feel left out after you see what everybody else is doing online?
  • Do you feel worst about yourself if people don’t “like”, comment, or re-tweet the things you posts?
  • Do you use any of the social media outlets as a way to boost your self-image, self-esteem, or self-worth?
  •  Do you find yourself missing out on moments because you are too busy trying to capture them?
  • Do you live your life to live it or for how it looks on Facebook?

There are many other people who chose to unplug for various reasons. Do you need to be one of them?

If you do find someone to be accountable to. Create a plan of action. Take a break from social media. It can only change your life for the better.

Be blessed!Anna… ♥

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15 thoughts on “There’s more to life than facebook…

  1. Jesus is calling. Calling us close to Himself. To live in His Presence. To live the life of closeness with Him. Even with busy lives it is necessary to be constantly aware of His grace and His Presence. So many are involved in these social media activities as a replacement for seeking this daily closeness and abiding in Him. I remember reading about a monk whose job it was in the monastery to cook the meals every day for all the other brothers in the place. A large monastery with many to be fed. The busy kitchen was his daily life. When asked how he coped with all the busyness and the pressures he answered ” I have learned the art of practicing the Presence of Jesus in all I do. In every activity throughout the day I call upon His peace. In the practical tasks of the day I know His closeness “. What a place to be.


    • I love the book by the monk (Practicing His Presence – by Brother Lawrence). I read it a long time ago and I remember it really challenged me to seek Christ more not only in my quiet time with Him but also in every single little thing that I did. Your day literally changes when Christ is the center of your thoughts and every thing you do.

      The more I think about God the more in awe I am of the fact that He allows us, mere human beings, to have real, genuine relationship with Him. The creator of the galaxies. The giver of life. The One who holds the world in the palm of His hands desires a relationships with you and I. Wow. Sometimes I forget what an honor it is to be a child of our Almighty Father. Nothing in this world should matter more than to be close to the One who created us and loves us so much.


  2. I was searching for this very subject and came across your page. I’m glad I did. I found myself getting really upset this morning because I logged onto Facebbok to find that a friend had unfriended me. I’m a grown woman who has a life and family and was getting so upset over this. This was an eye-opener. I’m going to take a social media break and plug-in to real life! Thank you!!


    • Good for you!! I’m sure that the social media break will help you feel refreshed and less worried about things those little things that really don’t matter at the end of the day 🙂 Good luck with it! Be blessed!!


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  4. Oh what a needed message for our generation and for me. It’s so easy to get caught up online and miss real living. Thanks for your insight, Anna!


  5. Honest and very right-to-the-point post Anna! Thank you for saying this… there are far too many that may not read this, but should. Our need as adopted children of the Forever Creator Almighty LORD is …. (whispering) quiet, alone time with the one Who gives us life!
    Be blessed sister


    • Thank you Stephanie. I definitely agree with you- the more intimate time we spend with God the less we will be seeking to receive validation or purpose for our life from other sources in this world (other than Him). In Him we can find all that we need to live a fulfilling and meaningful life! Hope you had a lovely Easter. Be blessed!


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