Thirty minutes can change your life…

thirty minutesThirty minutes in front of the tv will leave you empty or entertained.

Thirty minutes reading a book will give you enlightenment and escape.

Thirty minutes in the gym will give you energy and strength.

Thirty minutes on facebook will leave you distracted and alone.

Thirty minutes playing your favorite sport will leave satisfied and tired.

Thirty minutes catching up with a good friend will leave you connected and happy.

Thirty minutes in the presence of God can change your life forever.

We make time for so many things in our life.

Our hobbies.

Our entertainment choices.

Our addictions.

Our habits.

But so often when it comes to God we seem to run out time.

And it is time with God that changes us. Transforms us. Enlightens us. Strengthens us. Leaves us satisfied and whole.

It’s important to go to the gym to work on your physical strength. It’s even more important to spend time with God and work on your spiritual strength.

It’s important to catch up with a good friend and remain social and connected to loved ones. It’s even more important to stay connected to God through prayer and find joy in His presence.

It’s important to enjoy hobbies that make you happy. It’s even more important to enjoy spending time with God, where true joy can be found.

Today, think about how you spend your time.

Based on what you do throughout your day can you honestly say God is your first priority… or your last option?

Do you make sure to spend time with Him in the beginning and throughout your day, or do you “try” to spend time with Him at the end of the day… if you are not too tired… and haven’t run out of time?

Time spent before God is more important than anything you could possibly do today. Even if those things are productive and good.

You can make thirty minutes in your day for yourself and the things you enjoy.

Can you make thirty minutes for God?

Those thirty minutes spent at His feet can change not only your day, but your life, forever.

 Be blessed –Anna… ♥

spend time with God[Image creator unknown. Please respond if you know the author so credit can be given.]

9 thoughts on “Thirty minutes can change your life…

    • Moriah, I agree! I think if we all sat down and really thought about how we spend our day we would realize that so much of it is wasted on things that don’t matter and we would see that we have more time for God than we think we do if we only eliminated some of those thing. Thank you for stopping by. Be blessed!


      • I agree! Thank you for sharing the wisdom that God has given you and thanks for visiting my blog!


  1. A good word Anna God set me a goal for prayer a decade ago. I have been working towards it with His help. When I first began I thought I could attain the goal in a month. Little did I know how much God had to change in me along the way.


    • Thank you Joseph. Often times those things that seem to be easily attainable (like prioritizing prayer in our life) don’t come so easily (or quickly). It takes much time, self-discipline, and effort to build new habits and to change our priorities but it is so worth it at the end!

      That’s great that God has put it on your heart to keep on praying. It is literally one of the most important, yet often times neglected aspects in our spiritual walk with God. May He continue leading you and drawing you closer to Him every day. Be blessed!


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