Not getting what you want…

what screws us up most in life

I have learned long ago that my life will never turn out exactly how I want it to.

It’s good to dream, to plan, to hope, to pray… but in the end God will have His way, and often times than not, it’s not the same as mine.


Because I only see what’s in front of me at the moment. I know what I think is good for me right now.

But God sees the bigger picture. And He knows which things I need and which things I don’t.

He knows what will be good for me in the long run, not just in the temporary moment.

And He knows what it will take to make me more like Him every day.

He knows which doors to open. Which doors to close.

Which roads to lead me on. Which roads to keep me from.

Which people to bring into my life. Which people to take out.

And sometimes it’s frustrating when doors won’t open. When roads are closed. When people leave, or never come but I keep reminding myself that God knows better.

He knows better what I need.

What will build me and what will break me.

What will draw me nearer to Him or what will push me further away.

And He doesn’t allow things to come into my life that are not good for me.

Even if I pray for them. Even if I hope for them. Even if I think I need them.

God knows better.

His ways are not my ways. His thoughts are not my thoughts. His methods are not my methods.

{Isaiah 55:9}

And even when it doesn’t make sense, I will trust His plan over mine any day, because His plan is better.

Sometimes not getting what you want is the best thing that can happen to you.

God knows what you need more than you do.

Trust Him with your life. Anna… ♥

God's plans are better than your own[Image creator unknown. Please respond if you know the author so credit can be given.]


12 thoughts on “Not getting what you want…

  1. I love how you explain things. I have said so often to friends who struggle with needing to control everything – You need to give it to God. He gets to decide anyway. Saver yourself some heartache, spare your frustration, all we control is our attitude. Take all of this ‘situation’ and place it on the alter before God and give it totally to him, then walk away. Pray, but walk away. I know there are times when it’s tough to stop trying to solve a problem even when it’s futile. I think James 4:3 says something about asking God for something He won’t give because we ask wrongly. I’ve probably taken it out of context, but that verse comes back to me when it seems like I keep asking and God keeps barricading any progress. I have to stop and ask myself, why am I asking? Are my motives parallel to God’s providence?


  2. As we go deeper into full surrender and following Jesus whatever the cost, our own plans become increasingly irrelevant as we are consumed by His will for our lives, assuming that’s what we truly want. Sometimes our words will have to be followed through with action. Faith without action is dead. Trust without action is dead. Surrender without actual surrender is not surrender at all. It is merely talk of surrender. Sometimes we are capable of saying that we have fully surrendered but we kid ourselves. God cannot be fooled though. He does not just take us at our word. He seeks more. Many are seeking to worship a God and fashion a God that is convenient to them who will rubber stamp their predetermined plans in life. This is not following. Many seek to worship a God that will bring them comfort and ease. Make them feel good about themselves. This is not true pilgrimage. It is not a dying to “self”. His way truly is not our way. His thoughts on what being a disciple consists of our not the same as ours. We need to know His version. This comes through intimacy. The truth of what it means to be a disciple and to follow Him is there to be found. For those who dare to seek it out. Fir some to be saved and going to heaven is enough. It is a place to stop and rest. For those hearts set on pilgrimage, there us more. Stopping is not an option. As Paul said, we press on to take hold of Christ. To take full hold of the fullness of Christ for who He is in total truth. Not the version given to us in church or from man. They may help us in our pursuit but the true pursuit is left to us. We are the disciple.

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    • are…not our.

      We abide in the vine as Jesus said. We abide in Him alone. It comes to us through both intimacy and being in His Word. All His words, not the redacted version. The version we would like to avoid if our flesh life is allowed to rule our decisions.

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  3. Well said, Anna! “Wait” seems to be God’s favorite word for me. Now that I’m over 50 I can look back over my life and see that He made me wait so He could bless me bigger than if He had said “Yes” right away… He really loves us!

    Blessings ~ Wendy

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    • Thank you Wendy! That is such a beautiful testimony and so encouraging for me to hear. God never makes us wait for no reason and although it requires faith (and a lot of patience) it’s so worth it at the end. Thank you so much for that reminder. Be blessed!

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