Riches, relationships, or fame?

where do you find itSome try to find it in nice car, a nice house, or a nice bank account.

Some try to find it in a social status or a title.

Some try to find it in a person or in a relationship.

Some try to find it in a trophy, achievement, or fame.

Some try to find it in a bottle or a pill.

Some try to find it at the top of the mountain or at the end of the rainbow.

Some try to find it in adventures, in partying, or in spiritual enlightenment.

Where do I find it?

In one place alone: at the feet of Jesus.

What exactly are well all searching for? It can be many things.

Meaning of our life.

Purpose for our days.

Fulfillment and satisfaction in what we do.

Peace in our present.

Hope for our future.

But the truth is… you can search in every corner of the world and you will never find what you are so desperately seeking.

Because what you are looking for cannot be found in a car, in a relationship, or in a pill.

It can only be found in one man alone: Jesus.

And until you find Jesus, you will be on a never-ending quest to seek fulfillment that the world doesn’t have to offer.

Look at the celebrities whose lives are plastered on every magazine cover. It seems like they have the world at their fingertips.

They have all the fame and recognition they need. They have all the riches of the world. They don’t have limits of where they can go or what they can do and yet so many of them end up in a rehab center, in a jail cell, or dead in a hotel room because they “had it all” but they didn’t have Jesus so in the end they really had nothing at all.

Their money couldn’t buy them true happiness.

Their fame didn’t bring them real satisfaction.

Their lifestyle didn’t fulfill the desires of their aching heart.

They had it all… but in reality they were only chasing after the wind.

I love how Mark Driscoll puts it, “Do you have Jesus? If you do, you have everything. If you don’t, you have nothing.”

In Jeremiah 2:13 Jeremiah says that God’s people have forsaken him by digging up their own broken cisterns that cannot hold water.  And I think often times we do the same.

God is ready to offer us a spring of living water. A life of true contentment and joy, yet instead of running to Him we choose to chase the things of this world. We create our own cisterns (jars that hold water). And these cisterns have holes in them. No matter how much you try to fill it up, the water will come right out.

No matter what you fill your life with to satisfy that void in your heart it will leave you empty. Whether that thing is dollar bills, a degree, or the most intoxicating drug.

You may feel satisfied for a moment, but that moment won’t last. You will have your temporary high, but it won’t be long before you reach another low. Before you need more. More money. More pleasures. More satisfaction.

As Robert Madu recently put it in a sermon I was listening to we shouldn’t try to quench spiritual things with things that are natural.

Do you know why you have that void inside your heart? That desire for something more?

Because you are desperately in need of Jesus.

And nothing in this world will satisfy until you find Him.

Nothing in this world will quench that thirst except for the One who is Living Water Himself.

Today my question to you is this: have you been trying to use your own broken cisterns? Have you tried to find fulfillment, satisfaction, purpose, and joy in anything else but Jesus? Because if you have the only place it will lead you is to another dead end. Another low. And more emptiness.

Only Jesus can fulfill that desire within your heart. Stop looking for that fulfillment in the things of the world, and start searching for it in Him and you will surely find it.

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart”- Jeremiah 29:13

Be blessed! Anna… ♥

Joy is found in Jesus[Image creator unknown. Please respond if you know the author so credit can be given.]


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