Live in the present {not the past}

stop living in the pastSome people live looking in the rearview mirror.

Always re-living the past.

Reminiscing about how things were during the “good ol’ days”.

Regretting about the things they could have or shouldn’t have done.

Always pressing the rewind button.

Stuck in their yesterday’s.

Other people live always looking ahead at the next road they need to take.

Constantly dreaming about the future.

Thinking about how things will be better when…

Worrying about the “next big thing”.

Always pressing fast-forward.

Living in their tomorrow’s.

And very few people live in what is actually right in front of them: today.

Some people had a setback in their past and they came to the conclusion that their life (as they planned it) was over.

Their expectations weren’t met.

Their dreams never turned into reality.

They never took the road they planned to travel.

So they gave up.

They called it quits.

And they kept on living as most people learn to: just going through the motions.

Some people have great ambitions. Big dreams. High goals.

But all they do is dream.

Fantasize about how amazing life will be. Someday.

Thinking about the incredible things they will do. Someday.

Getting excited about how they will serve God wholeheartedly. Someday.

And they forget that life doesn’t happen yesterday.

It doesn’t happen tomorrow.

Life happens today.

And if you spend too much time regretting the past and worrying about the future you might miss out on living in the only moment you have: this one.

I was on facebook today and I read a status someone posted about counting down the days until their wedding day because their life would “finally begin.

And although that’s just a phrase people often say (when it comes to marriage) it made me realize that some people may never say it, but they live it.

They wait for “that one day” to come and that’s when they will really live.

That’s when life will begin for them.

For some people it’s the next big job.

For some people it’s finally getting that college diploma.

For some people it’s the wedding day.

For some people it’s the first baby.

And until that day comes… they just go through the motions.

Waiting for better days.

You know what?

There are times the future I dream about in my head is so much better than today.

And I am tempted to go through the motions, and wait for “the next big thing”.

But God keeps on reminding me that today may seem insignificant in my eyes.

Today may not seem so exciting.

But if I don’t make the most of today I won’t be ready for that tomorrow I’ve been planning for and praying about.

Take a look at Jesus. He didn’t start his public ministry until he was 30 years old.

So what was he doing until that time?

Was he sitting around at home twiddling his thumbs, lying out in the field and dreaming about “one day”?

One day when he’d be sharing the good news, spreading his love, healing the sick, giving hope to the brokenhearted?

One day when he was finally going to really live for God?

I don’t think so.

Maybe those days seem insignificant to us because they were never recorded.

Because we don’t know what actually happened during that time.

But they were significant to God.

Those days may not have been so exciting but they were full or purpose.

It was during that time that God prepared Jesus for the plan He set before Him.

It was during that time that God taught Jesus, through the mundane tasks in life of being a carpenter, of being an obedient child to his parents.

The thirty-year preparation process was just as important as his three-in-a half years of ministry.

If it wasn’t God could have had Jesus start his ministry at 12. But for some reason he didn’t.

And until that day came, I think Jesus made the most of every moment that he had.

He didn’t reminisce about how great heaven was and how he wished he could go back.

He didn’t daydream about the great future he would have… someday.

He gave it all, every day, in every moment, in every way.

Whether it was in front of thousands people on a mountain or in a barn with animals and no one else around.

Can you say the same about yourself?

Today… don’t just dream about your tomorrow’s.

Don’t relive your yesterday’s one more time.

Don’t sit around waiting for “one day” to come.

Your “one day” is happening right now.

Make the most of it because it may be all you have.

Be blessed! Anna… ♥

life happens today[Image creator unknown. Please respond if you know the author so credit can be given.]


5 thoughts on “Live in the present {not the past}

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    • Thank you so much. I wasn’t planning on writing about it but I was inspired after seeing that post on facebook. 🙂 (oh the things that inspire me…) 😉

      I think it’s a lesson we all have to learn some point in our life. Thanks for stopping by. Be blessed!


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