God doesn’t want you to be comfortable…

comfort zonePraying in public took Daniel from the comfort of his home to a den full of hungry lions.

Worshiping only God took Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego from the comforts of security, to the burning fiery furnace and anger of a king.

Faithfulness to God took Mary from the comfort of an ideal life to being a pregnant un-wed girl delivering God’s own son in a barn.

Following God took Moses from the comfort of shepherding a few sheep to leading the Israelites in a desert to the Promised Land for forty years.

Obedience to God took Abraham from the comfort of his hometown to an unknown land.

Faith took Esther from the comfort of her castle to the scepter and possible rejection of her king.

Trusting God took David from the comfort of shepherding sheep in the fields to the battlefield and then to the throne of a king.

Love took Jesus from the comforts of heaven to the pain of the cross.

If there is one thing I’ve been learning lately it’s this: God doesn’t really care about my comfort zone.

He doesn’t care for me to get too comfortable in this world.

To get too settled in.

In fact, He has called us all to do the exact opposite.

From the beginning of time until now He has asked His children to walk out in faith with Him.

To follow Him into the land of unknown.

To press forward through tribulation.

To stop holding on to what is comfortable.

To be faithful to Him even though we don’t know where He will take us next.

The question is… will you allow Him to take you out your comfort zone?

Out of everything that you know?

Out of a life that seems ideal to you?

As someone once said “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”.

Are you there today?

My prayer is that I will allow obedience to God take me into unknown places, to help me do things I could never imagine doing on my own, to allow me to love people I don’t know, to never let this world start feeling like my home.

That I will allow love of others bring me to a life of selflessness and service as I honor and care for the people God has placed in my life.

That I will allow faithfulness to His Word transform not only my thinking but the way I live every minute of my day.

Has God asked you to do anything out of your comfort zone recently?

Share your faith with someone you don’t know?

Love someone that is hard to like?

Use your gifts and talents in a way you never have in the past?

Follow Him to an unknown place?

Do something you have never done before?

Today… be obedient to Christ and walk with Him in faith at the end of your comfort zone, just like the many great men and women of the Bible that did the same before you.

He provided for them. He made a way for them. He used them in ways they never would have been used on their own. And He will do the same for you.

Walk with faith today. Be blessed! Anna… ♥

faith in God[Image creator unknown. Please respond if you know the author so credit can be given.]

28 thoughts on “God doesn’t want you to be comfortable…

  1. You are truly blessed and the favor of Lord is on your life! thank you for taking the time to pour into others and share the wisdom God has given you!


  2. What if i care too much about my reputation? How can i stop caring? I heard Joel osteen say that Mary, mother of jesus had to accept that there would Be some people who would misunderstand her.
    I am in a similar situation to Mary – god is asking me to change my plans for him – that is fine. But, the pain starts When i know that just like Mary, the very act of Obedience will ruin my reputation forever in the eyes of my family and friends. I don’t know how to obey god and carry the cross of my barepon. Help! Anyone! God showed me how i love my parents more than god and that i should stop doing so. My parents and relatives are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Yet i still love them. I think the main problem is i care more about my right
    Standing with men rather than with god. How do i change? Holy spirit change
    Me. Take away this people – pleasing nature.


    • Hey there! I think the only way you can overcome your desire to be a people-pleaser is to get closer to God and walk with the Holy Spirit. You don’t have power on your own to get rid of your natural tendencies and it’s only with the Spirit’s help that we can learn to live in a way that honors God even when it’s hard for us. Transformation of our lives always comes from within as the Holy Spirit works on our heart, not by our own efforts. Keep on seeking Him and He’ll help you change. 🙂 Be blessed!


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  5. Dare to hear from the Lord Himself what His own direct word of calling is. No one else can seek it or hear it but ourself. When He tells you it, no one else can do it for you. This is following Christ. You can try and run from it like Jonah but the Lord will not let go. He wants it done and He wants us to die to self in the process. Our life is not our own.

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    • Wow… now that you mentioned Jonah I feel like I can relate to him a little (although Moses is who I can relate to most at this time in my life). I know God is calling me to do more for Him and I feel inadequate and unqualified for it. Although the desire is there my own insecurities stand in the way. And dying to self is something God has been teaching me this year more than ever before. I want nothing more then to die to my own ambitions and desires and live for His. What I accomplish for myself won’t amount to much eternal significance but what do for Him will pass through to eternity.


      • I made this one a bit shorter to balance out the big “War and Peace” length ones and I was just thinking out loud a bit on past experiences. When we feel utterly inadequate and unqualified we are probably more qualified than ever. I read the piece you wrote about Mary and Martha and balance in all things. Contrast between “doing” and “being”. Even in our own sincerity we have to be sure that it is God calling us to do whatever it is. This is something we can only know between Him and ourselves for definite. We all have our insecurities though and I know what you mean in that it can be frustrating when we feel those insecurities are holding us back from being what we might consider more effective for the Lord in service to Him. It can be hard to boast in our weaknesses like Paul said he did. This is at the heart of the Gospel though; that the weak are made strong, the spiritually poor made rich etc.

        Probably the key is that the insecurity is dealt with by His grace. He wants us at that place where we know that our own might or power cannot do it. Moses came to this place of knowing his dependence on His Presence. Even though, however, Paul still asked for his thorn to be removed three times and the Lords answer was that His grace is sufficient and that His power is made perfect in weakness. The key again being dependence on God alone. And in 1 Cor 2:3-4 Paul is again stating that he came to them “in weakness and fear, with much trembling. My message and preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirits power, so that your faith might not rest on mens wisdom, but on Gods power”. Part of the really quite intense wilderness processes that some are going through in these days have this issue of utter dependence on God alone at their core.


        • Yes, it’s all about depending on God to work through us, even (and especially in) our weaknesses. Just last night I got a clear revelation from Him that the reason why I’m afraid to step our of my comfort zone is because I am relying on my own ability instead of His and I’m focusing on my weaknesses rather than His strength. Sometimes I think I have to do it all on my own and I forget that the only way I’ll do anything worthy in this world is with God’s help. Without Him I’m pretty much useless as well as living for my own glory rather than His and there’s nothing I want more than to bring Him honor with my life even if it means doing hard things.

          And for the record, I enjoy reading your “War and Peace” length comments. 🙂


          • I know what you mean. I want my life to be used too and for the Lord to have all my life and heart. There is nothing I want more. I want my life to bring glory to Him. Don’t think that I have perfected all these things myself but like you I seek to yield completely. We are on a learning curve that is a steep one at times. But it truly is good that we feel useless because this is where His power is made perfect. Blessed are the poor in Spirit. Self reliance is what this world runs on but we are different. It’s Christ “in us”. His life in us. Many times in the New Testament it states what we are “in Him”. Not in ourselves but yielded to His power in and through us. Trust Him fully and He won’t let you down. Not by might, nor by power but by His Spirit. When I came to the USA to visit, I could see that so much of the society is built on self reliance and the Lord spoke into my heart so deeply that He is seeking the ones like you who will yield to Him from a deeper place. I believe it is truly a deep work He is doing in some folks that is entirely counter cultural. A wines seven to the very Body of Christ itself to return to the truth of His ways. I met with the Lord in weakness myself when I came and I have a testimony of His goodness. This closeness with Him was so beautiful Anna. His beauty and His holiness. He is going to come so close to us. I pray that these words will encourage you because it’s my desire. Some are set apart, like Joseph. Separated from their friends and family and even their church associates. Walking a more lonely road that they themselves cannot understand at times. It’s a confusing and bewildering one at times.

            Thanks for the compliment. I was wondering if you were getting bored of them but you did say you were a real book reader and I think my comments added together now make a fair sized volume all on their own !


            • It seems to have changed “a witness” to a “wines seven” when I typed it. Strange but prophetic….seven is completeness or perfection and indeed there is a new wine being poured out in these last days. But as the Lord said, it cannot be poured into old wine skins. He is changing our “skins”, our flesh nature and this is part of the refining process which is painful. He is truly perfecting those that hunger for more. I am aware that some churches and some teaching these days take an utterly superficial and self indulgent view on this issue of the new wine and the person of the Holy Spirit and His functions and roles. Gods true and deep blessing is not a light matter. It only comes through brokenness and the wilderness. The true new wine skins are set apart through the intense character perfecting He has been permitted to achieve in our lives. The deep blessing is in knowing Him and knowing Him and His ways deeply. I have the greatest respect for you Anna that as a woman of God you are so sincere in your motives even though you have had it tough.


              • “Gods true and deep blessing is not a light matter. It only comes through brokenness and the wilderness.” Isn’t that the truth? To be like Jesus we must go through the same suffering He went through (which is why I never understood the “prosperity” gospel). Just like Paul said, it is a privilege to suffer because it is that suffering that helps us become more like Christ.


            • For real. You don’t even need to start a blog. You can go straight to writing a book. Just copy and paste all your comments on here!

              It can definitely be a lonely road at times but thankfully Jesus is our closest companion and even when we are alone we have all the comfort and support we need in our relationship with Him. It’s refreshing to see other believers who are seeking Him and making Him the center of their lives instead of the many things that try to distract us in this world. May God help you continue drawing nearer to Him so that the closeness you felt with Him will become an every day reality.


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  7. Thanks for the encouragement! I’ve had several “outside-my-comfort-zone” experiences recently and I have come to the same conclusion. We’re not here to be comfortable and happy, we are here to please God and give Him the glory because of His love, faithfulness and grace. Again, great post!


    • Amen!! The sooner we learn that this life is not about us and staying in our comfort zone the easier (and quicker) it will be for us to follow God’s leading in our lives and allow us to be used by Him for His glory! 🙂 Be blessed Moriah!


    • Thanks Anne! I wrote this in one of my previous blog posts a while back but something I’ve been reminding myself is that God is good even when life seems like it’s not. And the most I have grown in life was when I was challenged to get out of my comfort zone. Although it’s not so comfortable in the beginning where it takes you and how it changes you and your relationship with God in the process as you trust Him and follow Him is incredible! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. Be blessed!


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