Time to say good-bye…

I want to die

I am tired of life.

Tired of being caught up in the cares of this world that entangle me so easily.

Tired of chasing after my own pursuits and desires only to come up empty.

Tired of wasting precious time and money on things that will one day fade away.

Tired of living selfishly for myself.

And there is only one way out.

To die.

To let it all go.

To say my final good-bye.

To walk toward death and never look back.

Let go of the cares of this world.

Say good-bye to my plans, my pursuits, and my desires.

Walk in light of eternity and never look back at the life I left behind.

In this world all we care about is living life to the fullest.

Storing up a great retirement fund.

Traveling to the ends of the world.

Checking all that we can off of our bucket list.

Indulging ourselves in every way possible.

And many of us forget that God never called us to live in this world.

Instead He calls us to die.

Every moment.

Every day.

So today I will die a little more.

I will die to my plans. To my desires. To my pursuits.

I will end my life of living selfishly for me, and I will begin living selflessly for Him.

The great thing about dead people is they could care less about how they look, how they feel, how much they have in their wallet,  or what people think of them.

When you are dead none of those things that seem so important to us matter.

You are no longer concerned with your life because it’s no longer yours to live.

Only when you let go of the ideal life you have planned in your head will you be able to find real life in Christ.

Only when you say good-bye to the things of this world that ensnare you will you be able to walk in light of an eternity that compels you.

Only when you walk toward your own death without looking back to the world that you left behind will you be able to truly live for the things that matter up ahead.

Today… will you die with me?

Step off the edge and let go?

Hold nothing back?

Leave it all behind?

Will you deny yourselves the pleasures of this world, pick up your cross, and follow Christ daily as He asks you to? (Luke 9:23)

Will you crucify your flesh with its passions and desires to the cross and instead pursue God and what He desires from your life? (Galatians 5:24)

Will you die to your life as you know it at this moment so that you can instead gain true life with Christ? (Mark 8:35)

I know I want to.

What does dying look like?

Dying may mean spending that extra money from your paycheck to feed a homeless man on a street instead of buying one more outfit for yourself.

Dying may mean giving up your favorite tv shows that keep you up all night and spending that time at the feet of Jesus instead.

Dying may mean using one of your free nights during the week rather than for entertaining yourself but for volunteering in your community for free.

Dying may mean using your vacations hours to go on a mission trip to a foreign country to help the needy rather than entertaining yourself instead.

Dying could mean a million different things to you and to me.

My life is a journey not only of faith, but also of death.

Because until I learn to truly die to this world, I will never really live for God.

So today… I will choose to die.

I hope you will do the same.

Be blessed. Anna… ♥

[Image creator unknown. Please respond if you know the author so credit can be given.]

“For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain” Philippians 1:21


22 thoughts on “Time to say good-bye…

  1. Yes, this is truly my heart but you articulate it far better than I ever could. To surrender everything to Jesus. I like the line that talks about giving up the perfect life that we may have had planned in our heads. This is a very insightful piece.

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    • Thanks Martin. It’s not easy to surrender everything to Christ but once we do there is nothing more liberating than knowing we don’t have to control everything because we can trust Him to make it all work out as He wants it to. 🙂

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      • I want the following to encourage you Anna. I started reading your blog last week when I was having a tough few days. The Lord has used your words to uplift me and I think you are very sincere. I also think you know the Word of God better than you give yourself credit for. The desire to be a true follower and disciple of Christ our Lord is a true and deep calling. Not just a fan of the created Christianity of this age but a follower of Jesus Himself. To go where He leads and to die the death that He speaks of. He will lead those that have this heart. I have prayed for you.

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        • Thank you for your kind words Martin. I am glad that God used them to encourage you last week. I definitely want to be a true follower of Christ and follow Him wherever He leads me. Thank you for praying for me. I appreciate it! And I pray that God will continue encouraging you during your difficult days and guiding you where you need to go next. Be blessed!

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  2. After i read this… I said aloud “Wow Anna”! You are growing so gracefully in the Lord and I am enjoying you writings very much! Grow girl grow! Such a blessing you are!
    Much love in Jesus


    • Thank you so much Stephanie. I feel like God has definitely been working overtime on me lately and that is so encouraging to hear 🙂 And thank YOU for being such an incredible blessing and encourager in my life! I hope you are regaining strength and feeling better every day! Be blessed!


  3. I think of dead people when I think of dieing. How does a dead person react to what is going on around him or her? They don’t. You can even set a dead person on fire and they won’t react. I like that. I am very reactive to my environment, and I don’t like this about myself. “Only when we die do we begin to live for God”. I liked this that you said. I liked this post.


    • I love that! “You can set a dead person on fire and they won’t react”…. great thing to remember whenever we are going through “fire” in our lives. I have learned that when you build your foundation on Christ alone you won’t be shaken no matter what storms or trials come your way! Hope you have a great weekend Robin.


  4. Being visual, I had a hard time picturing myself dead – so I dug a grave in my back yard, put a photo of me in it, and gave it a tombstone! Warning – you’d better be serious if you do this. The Lord is more than delighted to help you attain this goal 😉



    • Wow… what a great idea (for all those visual learners)! I might have to use it when I’m teaching my teens on that topic one day. 😉 And I agree… God is more than ready to help us “get there” when we can’t do it in our own. Hope you have a blessed weekend!


  5. Caught my attention and kept it! Great work. I thought someone was suicidal for a minute. That is why I stopped by, but now I understand. You may like this story:
    A missionary in the 1800’s was going by ship with a few others to an unreached group on an Island in the Pacific. Violent and cannibalistic people lived on the island and they never embraced visitors. When they drew close to the island the captain of the ship said, “If I allow you to disembark here, you will most certainly die.” To which the missionary responded, “We died before we came.”


    • Wow. What a beautiful and intriguing story. Thank you so much for sharing it with me! It’s such a wonderful thing when people learn to die to themselves in such a way that they no longer fear death itself. Thank you for stopping by. Be blessed!


  6. Wow Anna, powerful, profound, positively bang on!!!
    I especially liked this: “The great thing about dead people is they could care less about how they look, how they feel, how much they have in their wallet, or what people think of them.”
    Well done
    May God continue to bless the work of your hands and the words you write.


    • Thank you Easter! If only we could “die” once and call it good but our bodies are pretty selfish, it’s so easy to get back into living for ourselves again, which is why Paul says he dies daily… it’s something we need to do every day, repeatedly. But with God’s help it is most definitely possible! (and so great when it happens!) 🙂


      • You are so right. It is awful how the morning starts and then, after a while, I think.. “Oh no!!! I have not even said hello to God yet!!!” Then I find the joy, peace and love that walks me through my day.
        I am in the habit of thanking right away for things, but I need to die to how those with a mean-spirit affect me and the thoughts it can be. I correct it immediately and bless those who hurt me.. but man is it ever hard to get into the habit of it being before the ill thoughts.
        I always enjoy your spirit-lifting posts.
        Be blessed and may His love pour over you today and always.


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