Forget the things you can’t control…

move forward with GodToday you can’t control the weather you will have.

You can’t control who will walk into your life, or who will walk away out of it.

You can’t control whether or not you will be stuck in traffic on your commute home.

You can’t control how people will treat you.

You can’t control your past and all of the baggage that comes along with it.

You can’t control the many things that you wish to happen or the things you hope never will.

But there is one thing you DO control: your attitude and response to these things.

And in the end, it will be your response, not even the things themselves that will determine the outcome of your day, your life, your story.

You control whether or not you will trust God in the midst of hardship and trial.

You control whether or not you will step forward with courage or run away with fear.

You control whether or not you stand on the promises of God or fall at the lies of the devil.

You control whether or not you allow the words of people to tear you apart, or whether you will allow the words of God to build you up.

You control whether or not you will look at the giants in your life that seem too big to overcome or whether you will look at the God in your life that can overcome anything.

Today… forget about the things that you can’t control.

Forget the past that tries to keep your restrained from all God has called you to be and move forward

Forget about the problem that seems so big and walk ahead fearlessly with God….

Forget about the people in your life that hurt you and hold you back and lean on the One who is with you and always has your back…

Forget about what lies behind you and press forward into the future God has prepared for you.

Trust the promises that God has made to you.

Lean on the strength that God daily provides for you.

Let go of all of your worries, your disappointments, and your fears.

You have a bright future ahead of you… and it begins today.

Never lose hope. God is with you! – Anna… ♥

“But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead” – Philippians 3:14

have a positive attitude, what you can't control,[Image creator unknown. Please respond if you know the author so credit can be given.]

32 thoughts on “Forget the things you can’t control…

  1. So good! I so agree! AN attitude of trust and thankfulness goes a long ways in getting us through tough time with our heads up. It opens the channels and releases God to work in our lives. I have found this out personally as you can see from reading my blogs. Thanks for this!


    • That’s such a great thing to learn in your own life and such an incredible testimony to share with others going through difficult seasons when it’s hard to trust God and believe He has a great plan for them.

      When you lean on Christ to take care of you and meet your every need just like a small child depends on their parents He always comes through for us and stays true to His promises! 🙂


  2. Thank you so much for sharing this. I had some bad news this morning, and it’s been hard to get my heart in the right place for it all. I appreciate your reminder to continue moving forward fearlessly with God. 🙂


    • I’m so sorry to hear that Katie. 😦 I think we all have those times when we hear disheartening news and it’s difficult to find peace in the Lord but His plan for your life is without a doubt for your best and sometimes He allows us to go through a few valleys before we reach that mountaintop. We just gotta trust Him and keep on taking those steps forward with Him.

      Wishing you God’s peace joy and peace this morning 🙂 {Philippians 4:7} Be blessed!


    • Yes it does! It’s so great to give our worries to Christ and know He will take care of them for us 🙂 There have been too many times where I have regretted wasting time worrying about things that never ended up happening.

      This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:”When we put our worries in God’s hands, He puts His peace in our hearts”. 🙂 May you rest in His peace today! Hope you have a blessed day!


  3. Anna this is so true. Written with such poise, peace and faith that comes through your words! Always trusting in the One who is in control! AMEN!! Even when we find it difficult to do, if we ask Him to help us have the faith to believe on Him, He will do it. Our Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus love us so much… 🙂
    Be blessed little sis


  4. This is so good and true “And in the end, it will be your response, not even the things themselves that will determine the outcome of your day, your life, your story.” That is the TRUTH! We will face trials but it’s our faith response that determines how we come out of it….if we let God grow and mature us, or if we react and become bitter. Attitude matters and HEART attitude matters. Love your post. Blessings to you today!


    • Amen Kirsten! Trials can turn into either our greatest failures or our greatest testimonies in life depending on how we respond to them. With God’s help we can turn those hard things in our lives into something beautiful that we can glorify His name through! 🙂 Hope you have a blessed day!


  5. It’s so much easier to allow Jesus to be the one in control of our lives. So much truth in your message. What a blessing!


    • I agree! We always want to be in control but it’s only when we give God full control of our lives that we realize maybe not knowing where we’re going next or what God calls us to do isn’t such a bad thing because He’ll give us whatever we need to get through it. 🙂


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