Here today, gone tomorrow…

pray for oklahoma, classroomFirst there was Hurricane Sandy in New York.

The school shooting in Connecticut.

Marathon bombings in Boston.

And now tornadoes in Oklahoma.

It seems like you can wake up any day to the news of some sort of tragedy in our nation.

Some due to the climate.

Some due to human fault.

But the end result is the same.

Lives are lost.

People who thought they still had their whole life ahead of them didn’t even have one more day.

Loved ones are left to grieve and learn to live life without their parents, without their sisters and brothers, without their children, without their friends.

And all of this just makes me realize how precious this life is.

Because for so many it was so quickly taken away.

With just one gunshot.

An explosion of a bomb.

The flooding of a home.

Or the sweeping of a tornado.

It makes me realize that while so many didn’t live to see one more day, you and I did.

That no matter how hard life may be at the moment, I am so happy that I have this day.

To start over.

To try again.

To love those around me.

To live for God.

It seems like just one more day, no big deal.

But I wonder for all of those who lost their lives in Oklahoma…

If yesterday they knew they wouldn’t be here today… would it have been “just one more day?”

I highly doubt it.

Today I am thankful for one more day.

And I am praying for all those who lost their lives.

As well as for the nation of America.

Because tragedy is bound to strike again.

It’s part of life.

But the question is, when it does – will you and I be ready to come face to face with Jesus?

To give Him an account for our life?

Or would you have wanted one more day…

To right your wrongs?

To live with purpose?

To make a difference in the lives of those around you?

Today you have that day.

Don’t let it go to waste.

And remember that at the end it doesn’t matter who or what will take your life away because as long as you have faith in Christ nothing can take your soul away. And that’s what really matters. {Matthew 10:28}

Make the most of today with God. And don’t forget to pray for those who have been impacted in Oklahoma. Be blessed! Anna… 

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29 thoughts on “Here today, gone tomorrow…

  1. Last year I stayed with some beautiful folks in Oklahoma and had the privilege to join with an utterly sincere and committed pastor who was instantly more like my brother than a pastor. I know I will return there one day. Jesus came closer to me in my 3 weeks there than I have ever experienced and I went deeper into Him. I will never forget Oklahoma and I found the people there very much on my heart recently.


  2. You are a writer of my own heart Anna! Your post is my exact sentiment. You say it so well. I think about everything you said almost daily. So glad to see someone else thinks/feels this same way. We truly never know the time/day hence the quote I keep close “we should live like everyday is our last day, because one day, we’re going to be right”.

    As always, love visiting your blog, a beautiful journey of faith it is ineed!


    • Thanks Marlene. So are you! I’m so glad I discovered your blog! I’ve never heard that quote but it’s right on the mark! I think we all “say” it often, but we don’t live by it because we get caught up in the busyness of life and forget. But it’s so important to be intentional and purposeful about how we face each day.

      I know my worst fear would be to meet Jesus in heaven and hear Him say that I didn’t live wholeheartedly for Him. It can be hard when the world offers so many distractions and tries to pull you in different directions but with His help we can make the most of every day because it truly is a gift that we won’t always have.

      Thank you for stopping by. I love hearing from you! Hope you have a wonderful night!


      • So true! We get one shot at this. To glorify Him and to enjoy Him forever! The world has turned into something quite difficult to reconcile. With so much going on, I often wonder, who does the world look to for hope? We are truly a people blessed. What an honor to know Him! He deserves our all. So glad God allowed our paths to cross!

        God’s best to you Anna!


        • I totally agree with you Marlene. We are beyond blessed to know Jesus because with Him we can learn to live for the things that actually matter in life! I’m glad our paths crossed as well!! I hope you have a blessed weekend!


    • No problem Hanna. Natural disasters (as well as human one’s) have really been making me think about the brevity of life lately. We really don’t know which day will be our last. It’s so important to live each one to the fullest!


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    • It’s too bad that we only “remember” these things when tragedy strikes while the rest of the time we tend to forget how fragile life is and take it for granted…

      But nevertheless, may it serve as a continual reminder that our time here is short and we need to make the most of it. 🙂 Be blessed Joe!


    • Thanks Deena. It’s so important to cherish each day that we have and the people that God puts in our lives because we never know when He will take them away… so many times it comes sooner than later. 😦


  4. The Lord shall keep our soul! 🙂 very encouraging post Anna ♡ suddenly I thought and smile, how about experiencing rapture? 😛 Anyways, as what you have mentioned—

    “And remember that at the end it doesn’t matter who or what will take your life away because as long as you have faith in Christ nothing can take your soul away. And that’s what really matters.” – I so love this!♡ Big AMEN! for that! 😉 More blessing! 🙂


    • Oh… I sure hope I’m still alive during the rapture… I wouldn’t want to miss that for anything!! 🙂 Hearing the trumpet sound, seeing Jesus come on the clouds… that sounds pretty amazing to me! (Now I’M getting excited!!) 😉

      Hope you have a blessed day Mae!


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