I’ll do it… tomorrow.

excusesWe all make excuses.

Excuses for staying in our comfort zones instead of reaching for our dreams.

Excuses for living halfheartedly instead of giving God our all.

Excuses for remaining in the same place we’ve always been and never taking a step forward.

See… tomorrow always seems like a better day to do everything God calls us to.

Tomorrow we’ll have more time to live for God, today we’ll live for ourselves.

Tomorrow we’ll think about our future, today we’ll just live in the moment.

Tomorrow we’ll get serious about heaven, today we’ll embrace the pleasures of this world.

And we make an excuse for today, while we wait to serve God tomorrow.

Today… I’m too busy staying up late at night studying to get myself that college degree.

Today… I’m too busy living it up while I’m still young, wild, and free.

Today…I’m too busy running around chasing toddlers and making food for my husband and kids.

Today…I’m too busy climbing that corporate ladder, working overtime to get that nice paycheck.

Today… I’m too busy focusing on me.

And the list goes on and on.

The truth is you’ll always be busy.

When your single, when you’re married, when you’re in college, when you are working in your field.

Tomorrow will always seem better.

Tomorrow when the kids are grown up and you feel more free.

Tomorrow when you graduate with your college degree.

Tomorrow when you pay off your bills and have a nice car to drive and a house to live in.

And the sad thing is tomorrow never comes.

Because tomorrow turns into today, and today… I’m still waiting to live for God tomorrow.

In the Parable of the Great Banquet (Luke 14) Jesus talks about inviting people to a feast in the kingdom of God.

So he goes out and invites guests to join him.

But each one of them has an excuse.

One of them just bought a field and had to go take care of it. (v. 18)

One of them bought oxen that he still wanted test out. (v. 19)

One recently got married and wanted his honeymoon to last a little longer (v. 20)

The excuses themselves are not bad.

But the fact that they chose their own desires over God’s is.

They allowed their newly purchased possessions to stand in the way of coming to God.

They allowed their season in life determine whether or not they would make time for God.

They allowed their current position to hold them back from giving God their all.

And because of that none of them would get a taste of the banquet.

None of them would reach everything God had to offer them.

And no matter how good the field was, how useful the oxen were, and how amazing the beginning of a marriage is… nothing should have stood in the way of an invitation to dine with the King himself.

Today… God is inviting you to His banquet.

He is inviting you to join Him in His quest to share Himself with the world.

He is inviting you to be His hands and feet to everyone around you.

He is inviting you to participate in the great commission of spreading His Good News everywhere you go.

And the question is… will you make a way for Him, or will you make an excuse?

Wherever you are and no matter how busy you are know that God wants you to live for Him today, not tomorrow.

Your excuses won’t work for God when you meet Him in heaven. Don’t allow them to work for you today.

I want to remind you what Jesus told His disciples… the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. (Matthew 9:37)

There is much work to be done for the kingdom of God.

Many people that still haven’t heart the Good News.

Will you be one of the few?

The invitation to live for God is open.

His table still has an open seat with a placement card specifically for you.

Will you answer Him? Or will you make an excuse?

I challenge you to stop making excuses for serving God another day.

Today is that day to live for Him wholeheartedly.  Make it count. Be blessed! Anna… 

“And calling the crowd to him with his disciples, he said to them, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me” .- Mark 8:34

[Image creator unknown. Please respond if you know the author so credit can be given]

4 thoughts on “I’ll do it… tomorrow.

    • Thanks! I agree… until we learn to prioritize what truly should matter in our lives we will always have the excuse of being too busy and waiting for a time when we won’t be to give our all to God (which usually doesn’t come).


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