In the background where nobody sees…

singnificanceNobody grows up dreaming to be a janitor when they grow up.

Cleaning toilets in the back where nobody will notice.

Nobody stands in long lines outside of studios waiting for a chance to become someone working in the backstage before the show.

Nobody gives up years of their life to chase the dream of having one line to say in a movie script.

No… most people live for the day that they will be known by others.

The day they will be standing on a huge stage and people will be screaming their name.

People will do anything to have their name written in a book, on a trophy, or on a movie screen.

Because everyone wants to be significant.

And nobody wants to be in the background

But God doesn’t work that way.

His training ground for doing great things for Him is always in the background, where no one sees, and never on a stage.

Think about all the great men of the Bible.

Joseph… stuck in a dungeon for so many years. Not exactly the place of training for the man who would be second only next to Pharoah one day.

Moses…stuck in a desert half his life… Not exactly the place you’d imagine God working on the person who’d help set His people free.

David… shepherding sheep when no one else noticed. He was the biggest nobody of his time. His dad didn’t even remember to mention him in his line of sons. Not exactly a fitting place for Israelite’s greatest king.

See… everyone wants to be a king that has thousands of people dancing around them and shouting their name.

But nobody wants to be the shepherd that is forgotten by his own father.

Everyone wants to hold a microphone on stage.

Nobody wants to be cleaning up garbage after services.

Everyone wants their five minutes of fame on tv where everyone sees.

Nobody wants to be ignored, forgotten, and unseen.

But before God can trust you with much, He must first see what you do with the little he gives.

So you want to be the king that fights and wins battles on the battlefield?

But can you first be the shepherd that fights and beats lions and bears in the desert?

So you want to the second master in command to some important man?

But can you first be the prisoner who remains faithful in helping people when no one else sees?

So you want to be someone great for Jesus someday?

Can you first do something little for Him today?

In private when nobody sees?

Away from the spotlight?

Without receiving any acknowledgement or applause?

Because when you serve when others don’t see that’s when you really live for Him.

When you serve Him expecting no reward that’s when you really do it from your heart.

Maybe you have great big dreams and high goals to achieve.

Don’t be discouraged if you’re not there yet.

Maybe you are still on God’s training ground.

Fighting your battles in the background, on your knees.

Maybe God is still waiting to see how serving you’ll be when you’re just a nobody. When nobody sees.

And then when He sees that He can trust you with very little then He can also trust you with much.

That maybe when you serve Him wholeheartedly without a crowd, you will serve Him with pure motives even when people do see.

Today… don’t forget that God sees every little thing that you do even when nobody else does.

If nobody gives you a second glance, a “thank you”, or a “great job” for the things you do, don’t worry, one day He will.

And His praise is worth more than the praises of any human being.

Maybe all you do is clean up toilets after church. Maybe you just help out in the nursery with screaming babies. Maybe you give food to the homeless person on the street.

It may seem insignificant to you, but it matters to Him.

Even if you never become a “somebody” to the world you will be much more than a somebody to Him.

Work with what you have in front of you today. Be a shepherd who is faithful with the sheep when nobody sees and maybe God will see that you will one day be fit to be a king.

Find your significance, not on a worldly stage, but in Him.

Your praise not on human lips, but on His.

Your worth not in worldly riches, but in the heavenly treasures you will have in eternity.

Don’t worry if nobody knows your name. That’s not the point of this life anyway. Just do your best to make sure everyone knows His.

Keep cleaning those toilets. Keep watching those sheep. It may seem insignificant to you, but it’s significant to Him.

Be blessed! Anna… ♥

“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.” – Luke 16:10


33 thoughts on “In the background where nobody sees…

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  3. The need to be significant…so much to say! Despite trying with all of one’s might to become content with ‘cleaning toilets’, people seldom do. It is not because they have failed to see worth in the mundane (they might) and it is not because they have come to realize they are important despite it (most people have no problem viewing themselves as important)….people fail to become content because pride will not allow them to. At the heart of this yearning is pride, and when God slowly reveals that to us, and walks us through letting go of it, contentment can be found. I enjoyed reading through several of your posts today!


    • I totally agree with you Kris, pride is often times what gets in the way of us having a servant heart like Jesus did. It’s crazy to think that the Son of God, our King of Kings was humble enough to lower Himself to the position of a servant and yet we, mere human beings so often fail to do the same. 😦 It’s human nature to be prideful but with God’s help we can overcome it and walk humbly with Him just like Jesus did!

      I hope you have a blessed day!


    • Yes! I was actually thinking about that book this morning and how I want to re-read it again (what a coincidence!) 🙂 You can truly serve God in so many little ways as long as you do it from your heart as if you’re doing it for Him!


  4. Such a great perspective shifting post, captures and expands my recents thoughts on Matt 6:19-21. You have a great gift.


  5. At one time in my walk with God he did have me cleaning toilets and houses to help make ends meet. And I always was reminded that I should do all things as if unto the Lord. Even cleaning the toilet. Great post.


    • Yes! That’s one of the Bible verses I wanted to add to this post but didn’t (Colossians 3:23) Sometimes we get put into those situations that aren’t the most pleasant but it’s always a good way to help us remain humble and remember that no matter what we do we need to do it wholeheartedly like we’re doing it for Christ. 🙂


  6. MMM that was good! I am sure training and going through preparation (getting out all of the kinks and knots) is way better when you are behind closed doors than on the forefront for all to see. I am grateful for my behind the scenes preparation! Just makes the “coming out” all the more powerful…give it that “and who is she…where did she come from” kind of response lol…like David!

    Love the posts Missy! Really encouraging!


    • I agree!! So many people want to do things for God in the public eye where everyone can see but they aren’t always so willing to do the same in private when no one can see. I think intentions for what you do are so important! And God always knows what’s in our heart even if people don’t.

      May He continue training and molding you right now for what He’s called you to do for Him. I know He has big plans for your life! Take care!!


  7. Thanks, Anna. I’ve been on the “backside” of life for most of my life. What you’ve said here is true. It seems there comes a day when God says, “Okay. I think you’re ready for the work I’ve prepared for you to do. Let’s get to it.” This seems to be that season for me, and it’s so exciting.

    If you’re not there yet, take heart. Your day is coming. Count on it!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts today!

    Praise Jesus


    • That’s so great Tami! I’m happy for you!! 🙂 I think people get discouraged too easily when it doesn’t come soon enough and they give up on living out what God wants them to to the fullest. It’s always so helpful to hear from people who “get there” (like you) to encourage us to keep on going.

      Thanks for stopping by! Have a lovely weekend!


      • Like Moses, it’s been almost 40 years for me. That’s a long stinking time when you’re champing at the bit and eager to “get to it!” 🙂 My new season is only just beginning. Can’t wait to see what Abba has planned next.

        Have a fantastic weekend, dear sister!



  8. That’s right. I couldn’t help but think of Lecrae’s song, “Background” while reading this blog. If you haven’t heard it, I’d encourage you to do so 🙂


  9. Parable of the Talents – he who can be trusted with little … doesn’t he end up with more being given to him?


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